In the latest of a string of game-to-film adaptations, arcade game maker Capcom and distributor Gaga Communications have concluded a film option deal for Devil May Cry, a Capcom game series that has sold 4.37 million units internationally.

According the terms of the deal Gaga, will have exclusive rights to produce a film version of the game, together with Hollywood partners, for worldwide distribution.

Capcom and Gaga previously announced a similar deal for Onimusha, another popular Capcom game, with 4.8 million units sold.

Devil May Cry is an action game whose half-human, half-demon hero, Dante, battles demons in the human world together with his female companion Lucia. The game has been a huge hit in North America and Capcom intends to exploit this popularity with a major Hollywood film.

The estimated budget for the film is $40m, with a planned release date of 2005. Capcom and Gaga will announce the director, cast and Hollywood distributor in the course of development.

In addition to Devil May Cry and Onimusha, Capcom is the developer of Resident Evil, which director Paul Anderson made into a film of the same title starring Milla Jovovich. Since its release last year Resident Evil has grossed $140 million worldwide.

A leading independent producer in Japan, Gaga is now eyeing similar film option deals for Japanese games, animation and comics.

In February 2002, Gaga announced the production of a film based on the Namco game Tekken, together with Crystal Sky of the United States. Last December, Gaga, together with Capcom and Metropolitan of France, announced the production of Onimusha.