Intermission, the second title from Neil Jordan and Steve Woolley's Company of Wolves production outfit is to have its world premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh on July 11.

It's addition was welcomed by Fleadh programme director Sally Anne O'Reilly, "This is the kind of high octane, edgy drama that gives a vibrancy and vitality to the Fleadh and to the new wave of Irish filmmaking."

Intermission is the first feature from established theatre talents, director John Crowley and writer Mark O'Rowe, and the ensemble cast includes Colin Farrell, Colm Meaney and Cillian Murphy in a story about the unforeseeable fallout that ensues from a young couple's break-up. The cast are expected to attend along with Jordan and Woolley, producer Alan Moloney, Crowley and O'Rowe.

Intermission is a Euros 4m Ireland-UK co-production backed equally by the Irish Film Board (its largest investment in an Irish film) and the UK Film Council, and utilising Ireland's Section 481 and the UK's Sale &Leaseback funding schemes.

Buena Vista invested £300, 000 in the film for the UK and Irish distribution rights and US rights were pre-bought by IFC.

Grand Pictures' Spin The Bottle will be the closing film in Galway on July 13. A spin-off of the popular RTE 'mockumentary' series Paths To Freedom, the film is a further chapter in the life of Rats, a hapless Dublin chancer who wants to send his obese aunt to Lourdes for a miracle cure.

Co-written by director Ian Fitzgibbon and lead actor Michael McIlhatton, Spin The Bottle has an Irish distribution undertaking from Buena Vista and a uniquely large investment from rental chain XtraVision for Irish video and DVD rights.

The film also marks the return of RTE to feature film financing after an absence of two years. RTE's investment is believed to be twice that of the Irish Film Board which twice refused the film a production loan but has recently confirmed an offer of completion funding.