The GalwayFilm Fleadh (July 6-11) will premiere Lenny Abrahamson's day in the life of two junkies, Adam & Paul, and close with Paddy Breathnach's dog racing comedy Man About Dog in a broad programme of recently made Irish features, documentaries and shorts.

Abrahamsonis one of three Irish directors debuting with new features at the Fleadh. Theothers are Ciaran O'Connor, with human trafficking drama Capital Letters,and Joseph Murphy with a love and revenge drama Grey, set in his hometown of Cork.

The Fleadhwill also screen the premiere of Rough Touch, the first film in manyyears from director Joe Comerford, and the Irish premiere of the animatedfeature Derrick, produced by the Galway-based company Magma Films.

Two otherfeatures getting their first outing in Ireland include Stephen Kane's Starfishand the Irish-American production, Red Roses And Petrol adapted fromJoseph O'Connor's play of the same title.

OtherIrish features getting their first Galway theatrical screening include Omagh,written by Paul Greengrass, Margo Harkin's You Looking at Me', AlanGilsenan's Timbuktu, and Lance Daly's The Halo Effect.

New Irishdocumentaries being screened, in both the English and Irish languages, includeRobert Quinn's Cinegael Paradiso - Once Upon a Time in Connemara, aboutthe film business set up by his father in the west of Ireland in the 1970s;Colum Stapleton's investigation of a new church and its extravagant claims, Empireof Juramidam; Hilary Dully's Tollain Dubha, which looks at suicidein Ireland; Vinny Cunningham's Battle Of The Bogside, about a turningpoint in the campaign for civil rights in Northern Ireland; and Neasa niChianain's subtle exploration of relationships, inheritance and land in CountyDonegal, Frank, Ned & Busy Lizzie, already a prize-winner at theCeltic Film & Television Festival.