Following a two-year hiatus since directing blockbuster Brotherhood Of The Wolf, Christophe Gans will step back behind the camera to direct an adaptation of Japanese video game series Silent Hill.

The film will be produced by Samuel Hadida's Davis Films and continues a trend towards big screen video game adaptations for the company which began with Resident Evil. At this year's Cannes Film Festival, Davis struck a deal with Japan's Gaga to produce a $50 live-action adaptation of Onimusha based on Capcom's super selling video game.

The Silent Hill deal was announced on Sept 18 by Japanese gaming company Konami. For the moment few details are available as budget and script have yet to be finalised.

Gans and Hadida worked together on the director's debut feature Crying Freeman which became a cult hit, as well as Brotherhood Of The Wolf. The pair also attempted a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adaptation titled Nemo which never got off the ground.

The fact that Gans has taken on a new project has raised eyebrows in the French industry as he was gearing up to shoot Bob Morane for StudioCanal. The film was meant to shoot in early summer, but is still in limbo amid financing problems.

Silent Hill is an atmospheric video game with avant garde twist, according to fans. The main character fights without weapons and the production is being called very high concept.