Veteran directorJean-Jacques Annaud has announced plans for his next film, HisMajesty Minor, to begin shooting inSeptember.

Starring Jose Garcia andVincent Cassel, the film will shoot in French on a $38m (Euros 30m)budget. Annaud spoke to members of the press on Thursday morning and explainedhis decision to return to the French language as "a furiousdesire" to get back to his roots. "I've had an idyllic relationshipwith the American studios, but this subject is very singular" saidAnnaud.

So singular that there arevery few details yet. Shooting in Alicante, Spain the story is set on anisolated island in the Aegean Sea and takes place somewhere during thesecond millennium B.C.

Annaud will shoot in digitalon the co-production whose partners include the director's companyReperage, Pathe and StudioCanal. The latter is handling sales while MarsDistribution will release in France. A Spanish deal is currently innegotiations.

Shooting will last 14 weeksand the film should be ready in July 2007. Annaud also hinted at an even biggerproject to come when he wraps Minor.