Jennifer Garner has committed tostar in a remake of the 2004 Japanese hit drama Be With You, with WarnerBros agreeing to distribute, according to Kei Haruna, one of the film'sproducers.

He says Garner attended aprivate screening of a subtitled print in Los Angeles in January.

Moved by the film's story of awoman's incredible reunion with her husband and young son a year after herdeath, Garner brought a remake proposal to Warner, which agreed to distributethe film, with Garner starring as the returned-from-the-grave wife.

A scriptwriter has been engaged,but the director and cast have yet to be decided.

Directed by Nobuhiro Doi andstarring Yuko Takeuchi and Shidou Nakamura, Be With You grossed $44 million on3.8 million admissions following its release in October 2004 - thethird-highest total for a Japanese film that year.

Explaining why Hollywood waswilling to buy remake rights for a Japanese drama,said: "the market for love stories in Hollywood isdead."

One reason, Haruna explained is"a lack of young actors able to portray true love on the screen."

Another is "a basic lack of projects." Not to worry: His company,Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, and its Be With You partner, the TBS network, havemore in the pipeline.