Topical, highly controversial Scottish production Gas Attack was named Best New British Feature at the Edinburgh International Film Festival closing ceremony on Sunday night.

A first feature from former actor and theatre director Kenny Glenaan, it uses a documentary style to tell of a right-wing terrorist attack on the community of Turkish Kurd asylum seekers in Glasgow. It had faced competition from Crush, Lucky Break, The Lawless Heart and Asif Kapadia's much-admired The Warrior.

The Studio Award for Best British Short Film was shared between Alicia Duffy's Crow Stone and Brian Percival's About A Girl while the McLaren Award for New British Animation went to Suzie Templeton for Dog.

Leading the field from the very first day, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's opening night charmer Amelie was a clear winner of the Standard Life Audience Award, a further boost to distributor Momentum's ambitious plans for its October release in the UK. Other strong public favourites included Hedwig And The Angry Inch and wartime thriller Enigma.

Zacharias Kunuk added to his Cannes Camera D'Or prize for the Inuit language epic Atanarjuat The Fast Runner by sharing the Guardian New Directors Award with Michael Cuesta, the director of L.I.E. an accomplished coming of age drama with a towering performance from Scottish actor Brian Cox.