French major Gaumont is heading to Cannes with a new film by Eric Valli, a promo reel for the $15 million Olivier Marchal-directed 36 and has confirmed that director Francis Veber is at work on an as-yet untitled project for the studio.

Speaking to ScreenDaily, Gaumont head of worldwide marketing and distribution Franck Chorot said photographer turned director Eric Valli will begin shooting the English-language The Trail in late June. Valli is currently scouting locations in Namibia where the Euros 14m film is to be set.

Valli, whose 2000 film Himalaya - L'Enfance D'Un Chef, was nominated for a best foreign language film Oscar, this time tells the story of a young girl who sets out to visit her father in Africa but only sees him for a moment before he flies off to make a delivery of emergency medicine. On his return, he is captured by rebels, and his daughter and a local set out to find him. Casting is currently ongoing.

Chorot also said that Francis Veber was currently developing a script for a likely Spring 2005 shoot.

Finally, Gaumont will boast a promo reel for Marchal's 36 starring Gerard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil and Valeria Golino. Set to be released in December the film is about two Parisian police chiefs each heading a special forces brigade who fight over everything from their methods to the woman they love.