George Lucas, who received the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film from the British Academy Of Film And Television Arts/Los Angeles (BAFTA/LA) in April, has joined the board of governers of the organization. He joins a board which includes fellow US film-makers Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

"I have spent a tremendous amount of my time working with the British film industry," said Lucas in a statement. "I feel that the talent in the U.K. is among the top in the world. I am honored to be invited to join the Board of Governors for BAFTA/LA."

Lucas, who is currently starting preparation on the third in his new Star Wars trilogy, joins the current BAFTA/LA board of governers which consists of Peter Beale, Barbara Broccoli, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Su Lesser, Ronald Neame, Michael Oliver, Marion Rosenberg, Arnold Schwartzman, Scorsese, Spielberg and Peter Ustinov.

Lucas has produced or directed ten films on location in the UK including four Star Wars films, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Labyrinth, Willow and the Young Indiana Jones TV series.