Bad Boys II blew away all competition in Germany over the weekend selling over 765,000 tickets between Oct 9 and 12, more than 500,000 tickets more than second placed The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Local children's comedy 4 Freunde & 4 Pfoten (literally 4 Friends and 4 Paws) failed to make much impact opening in 10th place with 43,321 admissions for distributot X-Verleih.

The film, directed by Gabriele Heberling, follows four children aged 10 to four who save a dog and then get into further adventures. With ticket prices cheaper for family films the admissions average of 200 per screen was better than the box office average.

Meanwhile Roger Michell's UK drama The Mother received a solid limited release at 50 screens in its world box office debut. The first territory to receive the film, written by Hanif Kureishi, about a mother who has an affair with her daughter's boyfriend and causes social outrage, saw just under 11,000 tickets sold in its first four days.