The German Government has agreed to extend the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) for another three years from 2010 to 2012 with an annual budget of $94.2m (Euros 60m).

The DFFF's incentive scheme was launched at the beginning of last year with an annual budget of $ 94.2m (Euros 60m) for 2007-2009 to reimburse $.20 ($0.31) of every Euro of 'German spend' up to a maximum of 80% of a film's total production costs.

According to the State Minister for Culture and Media Bernd Neumann, the incentive has generated a 'German spend' of $848m (Euros 540m) after backing 137 feature film and documentary projects with $133m (Euros 84.7m) to date.

The latest projects to be supported by the DFFF include such international feature films as Eva Dahr's The Orange Girl, Ben Verbong's Laura, Michael Hoffman's The Last Station and Pieter Verhoeff's Letter For The King as well as local productions Rigor Mortis by Ina Weisse, 66/67 by Carsten Ludwig, and 1 ½ Ritter by Til Schweiger.