For the second time, German film magazine Der Schnitt will present an award for Best Editing at the Filmfest Luenen (November 16-19) which will be accompanied by a cash prize of $6,600 (DM15,000) from funding body Filmstiftung NRW.

The 11 German films nominated for this year's prize include the festival's opening film Gripsholm along with Innere Sicherheit, Fandango, Freunde, Der Himmel Kann Warten, Lost Killers,, Marmor, Stein & Eisen, Die Einsamkeit Der Krokodile, Jetzt Oder Nie and Tolle Lage.

Luenen will also feature a panel discussion on the subject "Does every German movie justify a theatrical release'" Panellists include Senator's Alfred Holighaus and producer Michael Jungfleisch.