Spain's Gheko Films has bought the rights to remake Saving Grace in the Spanish language - with Carmen Maura attached in the Brenda Blethyn role for a Galicia shoot.

This will follow the outfit's upcoming La Mula, to be directed by Il Postino's Michael Radford.

La Mula's shoot is set for an April 2007 start in Andalusia for this Civil War set drama based on the book by Juan Eslava Galan about the true-life experiences of his father who fought on both sides during the conflict.

Radford, who is putting the finishing touches on Flawless with Michael Caine and Demi Moore, will shoot the $11.5m(Euros 9m) drama, being set up as a UK-Spain co-production, in Spanish as the director also speaks the language fluently.

The story, set in the final days of the conflict where a conscript finds an "unlucky" white mule and tries to save him, is currently undergoing a final polish at Gheko.

Gheko Films, headed up by Bruce St. Clair and Alejandra Frade, sealed the deal on Saving Grace last month and is now looking for a local director for the 2000 Cornwall-set comedy originally written by Craig Ferguson and Mark Crowdy.

Remaking English-language fare "is something that hasn't been done here," said St. Clair, but "Saving Grace wasn't that big a success in Spain when it was first released.

We believe the setting, the village scene and the lifestyle depicted, translates very easily to Galicia and of course we were looking for a part of Spain where you'd actually need a greenhouse to grow something in - most of the country is far too hot."