The Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent has been re-scheduled to run from 8-18 October, owing to fears that a clash of dates with an EU summit in the city may cause access problems.

An informal EU summit of government leaders is to be held on 19 October in the ancient St Peter's Abbey conference hall which neighbours the festival village.

To guard against a repeat of previous trouble at the summits, especially recently in Gothenburg, a massive security plan is to be implemented. This could have severe effects on traffic and freedom of movement. In response, festival organisers have decided to alter the dates of the event.

"The Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent aims to reach the widest possible audience groups," said Jacques Dubrulle, the festival's general secretary. " As it will be difficult, if not impossible, to reach the major festival locations on 19 October, the board decided to take precautions. This decision was taken after several talks with all authorities concerned."

By bringing the festival forward one day Dubrulle believes it will run as normal and no screenings will be affected.

Press, industry and public screenings will now begin on Monday 8 October, but earlier commitments mean the opening ceremony will remain on Tuesday 9 October.

No alterations to events and running order are predicted. The world-premiere performance of Orlac's Hands with a new score by Henning Lohrer on 14 October in the Flemish Opera House will take place as scheduled. The Gabriel Yared -Elmer Bernstein concert with the presentation of the very first World Soundtrack Awards, on 18 October in the Bijloke concert hall is also unaffected.

There was no word on whether the World Soundtrack Seminar, to include a speech on the scoring process at Disney by Chris Montan, President of Walt Disney Music at Walt Disney Pictures and originally scheduled for 19 October, is to be incorporated in to the revised planning.