The life and works of the late director Anthony Minghella will be honoured by his long time friend and collaborator Gabriel Yared at the 35th edition of the Ghent International Film Festival (Oct 7-18)

World renowned composer Yared will pay tribute to Minghella with a film music concert showcasing the soundtracks to some of the director's most famous works.

Yared collaborated closely with Minghella over many years, scoring films such as The English Patient, Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr.Ripley, and Breaking and Entering.

His scores for Minghella's works have received the same critical acclaim as the films they supported. The soundtrack of The English Patient earned Yared an Oscar, as well as a Golden Globe and a Grammy, while the scores for The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain also received Oscar nominations.

Yared has established an international reputation with over 70 feature film soundtracks. Alongside works from Minghella's films, the concert will also feature favourites from other works such as The Moon in the Gutter and Betty Blue by Jean-Jacques Beineix and The Lover and Wings of Courage by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Reflecting the close personal nature of his relationship with Anthony Minghella, Gabriel Yared has eschewed a performance by a symphony orchestra. Instead, the music will be performed by a chamber orchestra and soprano solo. Yared himself will perform on the piano during the concert.

The concert will take place during the film festival, on Oct 15, at Ghent Conservatory. It will be co-produced by the Festival and festival sponsor, University College Ghent.