Project: Toxic Jungle
Scr: Gianfranco Quattrini
Estimated budget: $3m (Eu2.2m)
Funds in place: $670,000 (Eu500,000)

Gianfranco Quattrini was born in Peru of Swiss parents, raised in Chicago and became a film-maker in Argentina, where he now lives. He divides his time between film and documentary work, and directing pop promos for Latin American artists.

Toxic Jungle fuses these pursuits as it is a comedy about a reclusive British rock star called Diamond who is trying to come to terms with his brother's death, 25 years earlier.

Quattrini describes the film as 'rock comedy in the Amazon jungle'.

Diamond has not written a song in years but his back catalogue - all written with his brother Nicky - has achieved cult status.

It has been re-discovered by contemporary, hip critics, and Diamond has been lured to appear at the Save the Jungle rock festival in Peru and Brazil.

But Diamond has a deeper quest in mind and sets off to find a hallucinogenic healing plant he hopes will cleanse him of his guilt and grief.

'It needs an international cast,' says the director, who explains that Toxic Jungle will be shot in English and produced by Luis Puenzo's Buenos Aires-based Historias Cinematograficas outfit.

'I decided I would embark on a project that would have the potential to reach out to a wide international audience.'