Riri Riza's Gie was named best picture at this year'sIndonesian Film Festival (FFI) awards ceremony which was held on Dec 15.

The political drama, Indonesia's entry for the best foreign-language film Oscar,also walked away with the best actor award for Nicolas Saputra and bestcinematography for Yudi Datau.

Romantic comedy Brownies also received three awards,including best director for Hanung Bramantyo, best actress for MarcellaZalianty and best sound for Asifa Nasution and Adi Molana.

Comedy drama Janji Joni and teenage flick Tentang Dia collected two awards each:best supporting actor and best editing for JanjiJoni and best supporting actress and best music composition for Tentang Dia.

Each winner is presentedwith the Piala Citra, the highest film awards in Indonesia. FFI also handed out the Vidya awards for the TVsector last Wednesday.

FFI, organised by theMinistry of Culture and Tourism (BUDPAR) in co-operation with the National FilmDevelopment Board, was revived last year after a long absence of 12 years, atestament to the growing local media and film industry.

According to BakriAhmadmursidia, BUDPAR's director for film development, 35 local films will havebeen released by end of this year, compared to 22 in 2004, 14 in 2003 and ninein 2002.

Meanwhile, in commemorationof the first anniversary of the tsunami disaster, a special screening of GarinNugroho's latest film Serambi will beheld in Jakarta on December 28.

Produced by veteranIndonesian actress Christina Hakim, the film documents the survival of threepeople and how they cope with the tsunami. It was shot on location in the badlydamaged province, Aceh, two months after the disaster.

The Citra winners are:

Best picture:

Best director:
Hanung Bramantyo (Brownies)

Best actor:
Nicolas Saputra (Gie)

Best actress:
Marcella Zalianty (Brownies)

Best supporting actor:
Gito Rolies (Janji Joni)

Best supporting actress:
Adinia Wirasti (Tentang Dia)

Best screenplay:
Musfar Yasin (Ketika)

Best cinematography:
Yudi Datau (Gie)

Best editing:
Yoga K. Koesprapto (Janji Joni)

Best art direction:
Frans XR Paat (Virgin)

Best sound:
Asifa Nasution & Adi Molana (Brownies)

Best music composition:
Anto Hoed (Tentang Dia)