Spanish actress Ariadna Gil and Italy's Anna Galiena and Claudia Gerini have joined the cast of English-language comedy Off Key from Spanish production house Lolafilms.

The film stars Joe Mantegna, George Hamilton and Danny Aiello as three opera stars whose love-hate relationship comes to a head during an explosive weekend together in a French chateau. Although the film, which is billed as a slapstick comedy, is loosely based on the lives and careers of the three tenors, director Manuel Gomez Pereira (Mouth To Mouth) asserts that "any similarity to reality is purely coincidental."

"The film is about the egos, styles and eccentricities of three great tenors, but we're not trying to copy [the three tenors] at all," Hamilton said during a presentation of the film in Madrid. "It's a wonderful, warm comedy about opera," Aiello added.

Off Key begins shooting June 19 outside Paris and will roll for nine weeks between France, Spain and England. It is planned for a December release in Spain.

The $9.8m film is one of four ambitious English-language pictures Lolafilms CEO Andres Vicente Gomez has in production right now. The others are: Susan Seidelman's Gaudi Afternoon, currently in post-production; The Dancer Upstairs, now shooting under debut director John Malkovich; and The Maid Of Buttermere, in pre-production.