Terry Gilliam is making abid to revive The Man Who Killed Don Quixote with his Tideland producer Jeremy Thomas and the Recorded PictureCompany.

The former Python iscurrently back in the saddle with two films - The Brothers Grimm and Tideland - after seven years away.

Gilliam made it clear thathe is now seriously engaged in trying to revive The Man Who Killed DonQuixote.

The disastrous first attemptto shoot the project was documented in the film Lost In La Mancha and restarting the venture means a protracted legaltussle over rights.

But Gilliam said: "Thereare good signs." Added Recording Pictures chief executive Peter Watson: "Havingcollaborated on Tideland, it wassuch a good experience that we want to be in the Terry Gilliam business.

"We are now attempting mouth to mouth resuscitation on thecorpse of Don Quixote."