Denmark has increased its already considerable status as a source of state-of-the-art digital post-production, with the launch of start-up outfit, Gimmick..

Veteran Bo Christensen founded and ran ShortCut for seven years before selling it to major Nordisk Film, where he continued as MD of postproduction for three years. Late last year he left with colleagues Lars Soerensen and Mikael Balle, and together they have set up the new outfit, Gimmick, financed by themselves.

'London company Smoke & Mirrors is our role model,' says Christensen. 'Many of the other outfits have become too big and factory-like. The market is difficult, so having the right combination of machines and expertise is essential.

Gimmick's strategy is to provide specialised services in collaboration with the majors. 'Though the average budgets haven't gone up, filmmakers in Denmark seem to be spending more on effects and visual designs.' The outfit has hardly moved into its new offices in Copenhagen, and customers are already there.

The trio behind Gimmick has worked on films like Dancer In The Dark, The Seagull's Laughter and parts of It's All About Love.