Coming out of theEuropean Film Market, Bac International has announced fresh territorial saleson Amos Gitai's Free Zone, starring Oscar-nominee Natalie Portman.

Free Zone was sold to Australia's Palace Films,Canada's Les Films Seville, Switzerland's Filmcoopi, Italy's Istituto Luce,Brazil's Imovision and Belgium's Cineart.

The film,currently shooting in Israel and Jordan, caused an outcry in Jerusalem thisweek when dozens of Orthodox Jews witnessed a kissing scene involving theIsrael-born Portman and her co-star Aki Avni being filmed in a parking lot nearthe Western Wall - Judaism's holiest site.

According to the Yediot Ahronoth newspaper, in a report confirmed by the Wall's site manager andthe Jerusalem Police Department, the enraged group of Orthodox Jewish menchased off the actors and crew.

According to thesame paper, Gitai then negotiated with the group and a version of the scene waseventually filmed. Other locations include the West Bank.

The film alsostars Hanna Lazlo, Hiam Abbas and Carmen Maura and is a co-production fromFrance, Spain, Belgium and Israel. Agay Films and Agay Films are executiveproducers.