Gladiator racked up 12,094 admissions from eight prints during its opening weekend (August 4-6) in Serbia. The result, while not astounding, marks an attempt by UIP and local distributor Vans to extend the territory's box office season into the summer. It makes Gladiator the seventh largest opener in Serbia so far this year.

UIP was the third US studio - following Buena Vista and Columbia TriStar - to return to Serbia after Hollywood ceased distribution activity in the region in March 1999. Buena Vista returned to the territory through local distributor Bandur at the end of 1999 followed by Columbia, through Belgrade-based Tuck, and UIP which both re-entered the fray in February.

Top ten openers in Serbia during 2000:

All figures in Serbian Dinars ($1 = 50 Dinars)

Title(Distributor)/Opening weekend/(Weeks on release)/Total gross

1 The Secret Of The Family Treasure (Metro)1,940,974 (29) 8.26m
2 Sky Hook (Vans) 1,191,883 (23) 11.89m
3 Taxi 2 (Metro) 1,050,902 (14) 5.18m
4 American Pie (Tuck) 724,573 (32) 3.79m
5 The Matrix (Tuck) 688,675 (17) 3.38m
6 The World Is Not Enough (Vans) 642,895 (17) 1.78m
7 Gladiator (Vans) 570,142 (-) --
8 The Talented Mr Ripley (Pro-Vision) 456,737 (18) 1.12m
9 Dogma (First Production) 395,450 (15) 885,415
10 Erin Brokovich (Tuck) 320,754 (13) 1.44m