Scottish director Kenny Glenaan (whose new feature Yasmin premieres in competition inLocarno today, prior to its screeningat the Edinburgh Film Festival) is shortly to go into pre-production on a filmabout the exploitative, cut-throat world of football agents.

Ducain's Boys, asthe film is titled, will tell the story of agents who scour the sub-continentin search of new talent which they can sell on at vast profits to wealthyEuropean soccer clubs. Produced by Scala with development backing from the UKFilm Council and FilmFour, it is being billed as a "modern day slavery storyand a coming of age story at the same time." Its protagonists are two youngSouth Africans who are lured over to Europe. One of the boys makes it to thetop only to be injured and then thrown onto the scrapheap. The script is byKate Gartside. The producer is Jake Lushington.

Scottish club Partick Thistle will be involved in Ducain's Boys, which is due to startshooting in November. It will be filmed in Glasgow, South Africa and inAmsterdam. Glenaan is choreographing the football matches himself. Aprofessional coach will also be recruited .

This is one of a spate of recently announced football-themedmovies, among them Danny Cannon's forthcoming Goal! And Walter Salles's LinhaDo Pas.