Good MachineInternational has acquired all international rights to Laurel Canyon, the new film from Lisa Cholodenko (HighArt) which stars FrancesMcDormand, Kate Beckinsale, Christian Bale, Natascha McElhone and AlessandroNivola.

Sony PicturesClassics has domestic rights to the picture which is the story of astraight-laced PHD student (Beckinsale) who moves to Los Angeles with herfiance (Bale) and becomes involved with his free-spirited mother (McDormand).GMI president David Linde closed the deal with producer Jeff Levy-Hinte whoproduced alongside Susan Stover. "I made the mistake of not acquiring HighArt and I wasn't goingto make the same mistake twice," said Linde.

The deal wasnegotiated by Amy Kaufman, senior vice president of acquisitions andco-productions on behalf of GMI and Phyllis Kaufman and Karen Robson of PryorCashman Sherman & Flynn LLP on behalf of the producer. GMI was introducedto the project by Cholodenko's agent, Bart Walker of ICM.