Warner Bros Pictures International unleashes Harry Potter AndThe Goblet Of Fireday-and-date with North America in a number of key territories this weekend, 17months after launching the last instalment The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

The fourth episode in J KRowling's fantasy saga is set to roll out in Germany on Nov 17, followed a daylater by the UK, Mexico, Sweden, China and Taiwan.

Darker subject matter means stricter ratings for the picture,however WBPI top brass say they're not unduly bothered by this and believe thepicture's global appeal and the aging youth market that has grown up with thefranchise will ensure huge results.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban took more than $540m at theinternational box office after launching in summer 2004, while 2002's ChamberOf Secrets finished onmore than $614m and 2001's Sorcerer's Stone took more than $658m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) thriller Flightplan was the number one picture last weekendand has benefited from a few weeks' head start to get its hooks into themarketplace before the Harry Potter 4 juggernaut. Executives will look for decent holds to boostthe $62m international cumulative total.

The CG animated romp Chicken Little has grossed a promising $16m to date andthat will only build when it opens in Spain on Nov 18. Both Chicken Little and Flightplan are expected to pass $100m ininternational ticket sales.

Universal's video game adaptation Doom was set to venture into France throughUIP on 251 prints on Nov 16. The action horror picture has grossed more than$16.5m at the international box office so far.

Focus Features' thriller The Constant Gardener was poised to launch in Australia on 140prints on Nov 17. Still in the early stages of its run, the picture has grossed$6.1m in UIP territories. Universal is launching independent pick-up Domino Brazil on Nov 18; it currently stands at$2.2m from Universal territories.

Paramount's romantic comedy Elizabethtown was scheduled to open through UIP inRussia and South Korea on Nov 17 and 18 respectively and executives will belooking to build on its $14.9m international running total.

Elsewhere, Paramount's drama Four Brothers opens in Japan on Nov 19; it currentlystands at $15.3m. Meanwhile Hustle & Flow, which is in the very early stages ofrelease, goes out in Germany on Nov 17.

Fox International's sibling drama In Her Shoes was set to open in France on Nov 16 andSpain two days later and has grossed $16.2m so far.

The drama Bee Season gets its first two international launches one week after itslimited North America debut, opening in Australia and Mexico on Nov 17 and 18respectively.

The treasure-seeking adventure Into The Blue goes out in South Korea on Nov 18 - itsinternational total is $17.8m - while Russian fantasy hit Nightwatch opens in Brazil on Nov 18. Nightwatch has taken more than $32.8m through alldistributors and $14.8m through Fox International. The drama Separate Lies opens in the UK on Nov 18.

Information fromSony Pictures Releasing International was unavailable at time of writing.