Warner Bros' Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire will be released on Imaxscreens simultaneous with the picture's conventional release on November 18,2005.

It is the second film in the$2.6bn-grossing franchise to be released day-and-date with the 35mm version; Harry Potter AndThe Prisoner Of Azkaban: The IMAX Experience,released in June 2004, was one of IMAX's highest-grossing digitally remasteredreleases, earning $14m on 87 screens worldwide.

So far in 2005, fivemajor pictures have been or will be released in IMAX DMR. Warner previouslyannounced plans to release IMAX version of its two other tentpole pictures of2005, Batman Begins and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Fox'sRobots was released earlier this yearwhile Polar Express was in theatres inJanuary. Warner is considering a simultaneous cross-format re-release of The Polar Express later this year.