In Cannes yesterday, Jean-Luc Godard (unveiling hisnew film Notre Musique out ofcompetition) was in typically provocative and gnomic form. Asked to comment onMichael Moore's work, he compared it unfavourably to the "great movies" 25 years ago of Frederick Wiseman. "Ofcourse he (Moore) says he is attacking Bush but my feeling is that he helpsBush in a way," Godard told Screen.

Godard also questioned whether the various filmsscreening at the festival attacking globalisation and war-mongering will haveany direct political impact. "They say they are attacking'but they are notdoing it in movie terms," he said.

Nor did he sound especially flattered by Cannes JuryPresident Quentin Tarantino decision to name his production company (A BandApart) after one of his films. "What is never said about Tarantino is thatthose prisons that we are shown pictures of, where the torture (in Iraq) istaking place, are called 'Reservoir Dogs'," he said. "I think the name is veryappropriate."