Gold Circle, the US indie behind smash hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding, has parted ways with its UK production partner ICE Productions.

Gold Circle said it is restructuring as Ice'sErica Motley, Irene Ilias and Claire Bennett have decided to return toindependent production as several long-gestating projects are nearingproduction.

Gold Circle UK will continue to be based at GreatRussell Street in London under Paul Brooks and Alan Martin, with Simon Brooksconsulting. Simon Brooks, Paul Brooks' brother, brought White Noise, which Universal will release in the US andEntertainment in the UK, into the company.

"I am very grateful for all the hard work fromErica and her team and I wish ICE Productions well with their upcomingproductions," said Paul Brooks.

ICE is launching its slatewith romantic comedy The Walnut Tree, a co-production with Jeremy Bolt's Impact Pictures. Other projects in development includesupernatural thriller Friends Forever, romantic comedy Chasing Heaven and comedy horror Steer Wood.

Gold Circle will continue its close relationship withcommercials outfit The Mob, with two co-productions in the works includingcomedy Pet Assassin.