As expected The Golden Compass ruled the waves at the weekend following an estimated $55m overseas haul through New Line International from approximately 5,000 screens in 25 territories. Click here for review.

Chris Weitz's adaptation of Philip Pullman's acclaimed fantasy adventure soared to the top of the charts in every country, led by the UK where it took $18m over five days.

Elsewhere the tale of a young girl's battle against an evil empire grossed $10m in Spain over five, $5m in Germany over four, $5m in France over five and $4.8m in Russia.

The film scored impressive debuts in the smaller markets too, taking $2m in Thailand and $1m in both Singapore and the emerging market of Poland.

Rolf Mittweg, New Line's head of worldwide distribution and marketing, was encouraged by the early signs. 'With the very positive world of mouth we're getting this bodes well for a long and successful holiday season,' Mittweg said.

Enchanted conjured up a further $11.6m from 2,344 theatres in 18 countries through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI).

The family film stands at $35.8m and weekend business was boosted by a number one $3.4m launch in Italy on 400 screens that opened approximately 15% ahead of National Treasure and 80% ahead of Chicken Little.

Enchanted also opened number one in Greece on $735,000 from 50 screens and fell 33% in its second weekend in France on $3.8m from 701 screens for $10m and added $1.7m after a 21% drop in Spain on 351 screens for $8.4m after three weekends. Russia stands at $5.3m after the same amount of time.

Heading into the holiday season, Enchanted is set to launch next weekend in the UK, Mexico, Brazil and Holland.

Ratatouille raised its international running total by $1.2m from 2,237 screens in 24 territories for $407.6m.

DreamWorks-Paramount's family title Bee Movie collected $10.1m through PPI from 2,050 locations in 21 territories to raise the international running total to $32.7m.

Weekend business was galvanised by 10 launches headed by a $2.8m number one launch in Australia from 261 sites that included previews. Excluding previews PPI sources said the result tracked 16% ahead of Shrek, 14% ahead of Over The Hedge and 20% ahead of Shark Tale.

Bee Movie launched at number one in Brazil on $1.3m from 281 screens, which was 73% ahead of Shrek, approximately the same as Over The Hedge and 50% ahead of Shark Tale.

Elsewhere the film opened top in Argentina on $343,000 from 99 venues, which was roughly in line with the launch of Shark Tale, and opened top in New Zealand where $$224,000 from 67 screens was roughly the same result as the launch of Shrek.

The film held well in Spain where it fell a mere 14% on $2.4m from 402 screens to raise the tally to $6.6m.

Next weekend Bee Movie opens in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, Peru and Venezuela.

The Heartbreak Kid continued its impressive international run and added $4.8m from 2,025 screens in 51 territories for $79m, while Stardust stands at $95.5m.

Beowulf had to settle for fourth in the international pecking order this weekend but still kept a smile on the faces of Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) executives as $9.2m from more than 5,000 screens in 60 markets raised the tally to $91.6m.

The animated action story grossed $1m (¥115m) in its second weekend in Japan on 268 nationwide screens for $4.2m (¥458m). After the same amount of time Beowulf has amassed $3.6m (A$4.2m) in Australia and second in Brazil.

Spain, Mexico and France have generated $5.6m, $4.6m and $3.6m after three and the UK, Germany and Italy have produced $13.6m, $5.3m and $5.1m after four.

The comedy Fred Claus grossed $4.3m from more than 1,400 prints in 18 markets for $13.6m. The only launch of note was Mexico, where the film ranked second behind Bee Movie on $741,000 (Ps 8.1m) from 300 screens including previews.

The film ranked second in the UK behind The Golden Compass on $2.8m (£1.3m) from 445 sites. Australia has amassed $2.7m (A$3.1m) after four weekends. Fred Claus launches in Spain on December 14 and France on December 26.

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) has become the top grossing film of 2007 in Spain, where the Eu23.6m running total amassed through Warner Bros Spain has now passed Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End's lifetime tally of Eu23.2m.

Hitman grossed $7.5m through Fox International from 2,635 screens in 38 markets for $23.5m. Weekend business was buoyed by a number two $1.2m launch in Australia on 172 screens and a very solid $1.1m debut in Italy on 288. The action film added $1.1m from 349 in the UK for $4.7m. Lions For Lambs grossed $1m and stands at approximately $31.2m.

Universal's American Gangster added $5m through UPI from 1,710 venues in 20 territories for an early international cumulative total of $47.9m. The crime drama is expected to cross $50m this week and has upcoming launches in 36 territories including Russia this week.

The film ranks fourth in the UK after four weekends and added $1.2m (£570,000) from 391 sites for $17.7m (£8.7m). After the same amount of time give or take a day or two it ranks third in Germany after $850,000 from 359 raised the tally to $8.5m and seventh in France where $800,000 from 368 elevated the score to $9.2m.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age added $1.4m from 811 locations in 26 territories for an early $34m running total and has 31 territories to go including Taiwan through UPI and France through Studio Canal this week. The drama has amassed 10.2m (£5m) in the UK after six weekends and $3.8m in Australia after four.

Universal's thriller The Kingdom added $1m to the coffers from 575 sites in 35 territories and raised the international tally to $36.8m. It held well in limited release in Italy on $270,000 from 95 in the second weekend for $775,000. There are nine territories to open including Argentina on December 13.

The Bourne Ultimatum ranks sixth in Japan after five weekends on $430,000 for $13.3m and has now overtaken the lifetime totals of the first two films. Bourne remains active in 16 territories and has amassed $211.6m.

Atonement added $325,000 from 320 sites in 12 territories for an impressive early international running total of $31.5m. The romance has taken $22.7m (£11.3m) in the UK after 13 weekends and is currently playing on five screens and stands at $3.4m in Germany after five weekends. There are 46 territories still to go including Australia on December 26 and Hong Kong on December 27.

Resident Evil: Extinction grossed $710,000 from 665 screens in 30 Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) markets for $59.5m and has grossed $94.3m through all distributors. The horror film ranks sixth in Japan after six weekends and stands at $23.5m.

The vampire tale 30 Days Of Night added $725,000 from 435 screens in 11 markets and stands at $3.6m through SPRI.

It opened in Brazil in fifth place on $200,000 from 100 screens. Mexico generated a further $250,000 from 175 in the second weekend for $772,000.

Mandate International handled a substantial number of overseas sales on 30 Days Of Night. That company reported a $1.9m weekend gross from 27 territories for Saw IV that raised the running total to $51m.