An announcement is expected later today (Monday) in Los Angeles concerning the fate of this year's Golden Globe Awards in the midst of the Hollywood writers' strike. Stay tuned to for breaking news.

There is rampant speculation of several outcomes concerning the Globes: that the ceremony could be postponed in the hopes of a quick writers' strike resolution, that the Globes could go on as planned without television or webcasting coverage, or that the Globes will be scaled down or cancelled altogether.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and US broadcaster NBC have had meetings to discuss the fate of the awards, which were scheduled to take place in just six days, on January 13 (Sunday).

The Screen Actors Guild said Friday that its members - including Hollywood's A-listers nominated for the prizes - would show solidarity with the Writers Guild Of America (WGA) and wouldn't cross picket lines to attend the ceremony.

The actors could face their own strike in summer 2008 and have been very supportive ofthe writers' strike thus far. The HFPA has been requesting that NBC take the Globes off the air so that the WGA wouldn't boycott the awards and the actors would be more likely to attend.

The Writers Guild has been on strike with major studios and producers including NBC since November. Dick Clark Prods., which produces and co-owns the broadcast, said in a statement that it had offered interim terms to the WGA but that the WGA hadn't accepted those terms. Dick Clark Prods. is not a member of Alliance of Motion Picture and Television and Producers, the studios and producers' bargaining body negotiating with the writers.