Eddie Redmayne was doing holiday shopping when he heard about his nomination and Force Majeure’s Ruben Östlund says he could get used to being pampered. Read on for more reactions.

The Golden Globes will be presented on January 11, 2015, in Los Angeles.


“We’re grateful to the HFPA for recognising the fantastic work of the whole team behind The Theory Of Everything with these four nominations. This film reflects the extraordinary lives of Stephen and Jane Hawking, and tells their personal story in a way audiences have never seen before. We’re delighted that Eddie’s astonishing performance as Stephen and Felicity’s as Jane have received the recognition we feel they so richly deserve, and we congratulate them and everyone who worked so hard on this film.”
Eric Fellner, co-chairman of Working Title Films, producer, The Theory Of Everything.

“To receive a Golden Globe Award nomination is a great early holiday gift, one which I accept with gratitude to the HFPA – and with joy that my colleagues on The Theory Of Everything also received such a wonderful present! We hope that this story is as inspirational to audiences as it was to make it.”
Lisa Bruce, producer, The Theory Of Everything.

“At its heart, The Theory Of Everything is a story about the physics of love – so we share in this recognition with the extraordinary Jane and Stephen Hawking. I’m deeply grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for embracing this film, and so proud of everyone who helped us to get this special story told.”
Anthony McCarten, producer, The Theory Of Everything.

“Thank you so much to the HFPA for recognising The Imitation Game in five categories. We’re overjoyed to be honored alongside such great films. This movie was a true passion project for everyone involved. All were dedicated to ensuring that Alan Turing’s legacy received the appreciation it so deserved. We are incredibly proud of Benedict, Keira, Graham and Alexandre for their nominations, and for the entire team who, alongside director Morten Tyldum, made this story come to life.”
Teddy Schwarzman, Ido Ostrowsky and Nora Grossman, producers, The Imitation Game.


“We are thrilled that the HFPA have fallen in love with Birdman. We hope this recognition on a passion project can be an inspiration for filmmakers around the world. Congratulations to all the nominees.”
Jim Skotchdopole and John Lesher, producers, Birdman.

“We couldn’t be more excited or proud at this wonderful news. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for all of the support for this film. This nomination is a tribute to everyone involved. The cast, the crew, our amazing writer Stephen Beresford and brilliant director Matthew Warchus… but it’s also down to the people on whom this incredible funny and true story is based. It’s a wonderful moment.”
David Livingstone, producer, Pride.

“Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this incredible nomination, and for the privilege of being placed in such extraordinary company. Pride is a true story about a small group of LGBT activists who stood shoulder to shoulder with a struggling mining community in their battle for jobs and survival. It’s a very funny story but also a very powerful one - and one which the real people involved feared would die with them. All of us involved with Pride are thrilled by this nomination, not least because these real-life lost heroes are finally getting the recognition they deserve.”
Stephen Beresford, screenwriter, Pride.


“It’s amazing and at the same time a real relief. The nomination has been buzzing around in the back of our minds for some time. We have had such a good response to Force Majeure since our Cannes debut and the theatrical release in the US that we actually began believing and hoping this might happen. There were a lot of strong films competing in this category but we were fortunate. I don’t want to sound cocky but it is easy to get pampered and want more.”
Ruben Östlund, writer-director, Force Majeure.

“Today’s nomination of Leviathan for a Golden Globe is a truly important event for all of us. This honour by the esteemed members of the HFPA is a cause for celebration. The final decision in this competition rests in the hands of fate and I hope that fate will look favourably on our film.”
Andrey Zvyagintsev, director-co-writer, Leviathan.


“Although at times it felt we were flying without a net in this crazy film experiment, this has brought enormous joy to me. I am so proud of my actors and the whole team. It’s a good day.”
Alejandro G Inarritu, Birdman.


“I’m overjoyed to hear this news! It’s a tremendous feeling to receive recognition for this film amongst a list of so many wonderful actors – an absolute privilege. The greatest thanks to the HFPA, and to Jane Hawking for entrusting me with performing her moving and inspirational life story.”
Felicity Jones, The Theory Of Everything.

“It is as if a magic carpet picked me up last year and it is astonishing and exhilarating that it has taken me all the way here. I am nothing but grateful to have had the opportunity to dive into a role like this. All thanks really go to David Fincher for his guidance and for allowing me to play Gillian Flynn’s incredible, confounding character. I’m very honoured to be nominated alongside actresses I have long admired. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this nomination!”
Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl.

“I’m extremely thankful that the film is being recognized in this way. Wild is truly my baby and was a labor of love from the beginning. Cheryl Strayed was so brave in putting her life’s journey into words and it makes me happy that this type of recognition will hopefully drive more people to experience it on film‎.”
Reese Witherspoon, Wild.


“I was in the middle of attempting to do all my holiday shopping in a day when I got the call. I am beyond thrilled to be nominated alongside such a stunning quartet of actors. The fact that Felicity, Jóhann, and the film are nominated means the world. I am hugely grateful to the HFPA – and to Professor Stephen Hawking for his personal support in helping me to share his story with the world.”
Eddie Redmayne, The Theory Of Everything.

“I have just come out of the studio playing Richard III to this extraordinary news. Wow… I am so thrilled. Also for the recognition the film has received with these nominations. It’s so exciting and rewarding to be in such an extraordinary collection of brilliant performances. Thank you so much.”
Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game.


“I’m so honoured the HFPA has recognised my performance in Birdman. It’s not every day you get to work on this kind of project or with an ensemble of actors as talented and inspiring as this cast and I am so grateful to our director, Alejandro Iñárritu, for the opportunity.”
Michael Keaton, Birdman.


“Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this honour. It’s so exciting to be nominated for a film I really enjoyed making and I’m so proud to have been a part of Tim Burton’s vision in sharing Margaret Keane’s story alongside Christoph.”​
Amy Adams, Big Eyes.


“I am overjoyed by this fabulous news. Working with Tim and Amy on this very special movie felt like an award in itself. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the HFPA for this extraordinary honor and recognition.”
Christoph Waltz, Big Eyes.


“I never expected this kind of recognition at this phase in my career and it feels so incredible. I love this film so much and everyone involved with it. I am so thankful to the Hollywood Foreign Press, and thrilled beyond words for my on-screen ex-husband and real-life friend Ethan Hawke, and for our visionary writer-director and producer Richard Linklater. Making Boyhood over the course of 12 years was pure joy and I hope all of this recognition will encourage audiences to go and experience this truly special film.”
Patricia Arquette, Boyhood.

“I felt so lucky to have portrayed Joan Clarke, such an extraordinary woman who defied convention and was part of a moment in history. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign press for this honour, and for recognising our film. I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone.”
Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game.

“Today is a great day! Thank you so much to the HFPA for this tremendous honour. It was an absolute pleasure working with JC Chandor and my dear, dear friend Oscar Isaac on this special film. I’m thrilled to see the work we did together honoured.”
Jessica Chastain, A Most Violent Year.

“I have no words. I am so incredibly honoured and grateful for this and feel insanely lucky to have had the chance to work with Alejandro, Michael, Edward, and the whole cast and crew of the beautiful madness that is Birdman. Now can someone please explain who this ‘Meryl Streep’ woman is?!”
Emma Stone, Birdman.


“To say that we are grateful and humbled is an understatement. Our most sincere thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press and to the audiences who have been so incredibly supportive. Alejandro challenged us to stand on a ledge, find our faith, and leap with him. We will be forever grateful.”
Nicolas Giacobone and Alexander Dinelaris, Birdman.

“It’s an honour and the thrill of a lifetime to be recognised by the HFPA for being a part of bringing this little-known true story to the screen. Through this amazing recognition the HFPA has helped us to shine a little more light on the important and powerful legacy of Alan Turing, and for that I could not be more grateful.”
Graham Moore, The Imitation Game.


“We are so excited to be nominated for a Golden Globe. The only kind of globes we have are made of cardboard or whatever normal ones are made of. We’re incredibly proud of our accomplice Chris McKay, along with the rest of an amazing crew and cast who brought so much passion and artistry to a film that could have easily been so much less. It’s a great year for animation and we’re grateful that a film called The LEGO Movie can be appreciated and recognised in this way. Everything in the world may not actually be awesome, but this really is.”
Christopher Miller & Phil Lord, writer-directors, The LEGO Movie.

“We are honoured to receive this Golden Globe nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for Big Hero 6! We share this nomination with our incredibly talented team who worked tirelessly to bring this beautiful film to the screen. We can’t wait to give them a big Baymax fist-bump!”
Don Hall & Chris Williams, co-directors, and Roy Conli, producer, Big Hero 6.

“How wonderful! My sincere thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for honoring The Boxtrolls with this nomination. Nearly 10 years in the making, The Boxtrolls was a labour of wholehearted love crafted a frame at a time. From the inky black puppet mines in Portland to the well-appointed recording studios in London, our production was blessed with diverse and passionate artists of the highest calibre: brilliant actors, visionary directors, and a sublimely gifted crew. I’m so pleased that their prodigious talents have been so meaningfully recognised.”
Travis Knight producer, The Boxtrolls.

“Wow! We are especially thrilled with this nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association because it honors the hard work of over 300 artists and animators from all over the world. The Boxtrolls would never had been done without the amazing dedication and craftsmanship of these people and the vision and leadership of Travis Knight, who gathered us all together in the mists of Portland, Oregon and gave us the opportunity to contribute to the wonderful legacy of this animation style. We want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for including us alongside all these other fantastic nominees.”
Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable, directors, The Boxtrolls.

“I’d like to express my delight and appreciation to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for its nomination of The Boxtrolls for this year’s Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Animated Film. There are so many great animated films this year! The medium is branching out and growing in wonderful ways, and we’re happy to be part of it. It is both gratifying and humbling to be included in such a talented group of nominees.

“This nomination recognises the efforts of a crew of over 300 women and men at LAIKA who worked for years on the picture, each expressing their unique talent and love for the medium of animation through their sacrifice and tireless work. Guided by our masterly directors, they have painstakingly hand-crafted the most complex stop-motion feature film ever, and it was an honour to work alongside them on this adventure. So many outside the studio also contributed immeasurably to The Boxtrolls. Our electrifying cast, superb composer and the rest of The Boxtrolls family created a world of image and sound out of what often seemed like thin air.”
David Bleiman Ichioka, producer, The Boxtrolls.


“This is very exciting – I do feel that the work is its own reward, but it definitely feels great to be recognised with a Golden Globe Award nomination! I was honoured to collaborate with director James Marsh in telling this strong and very poignant story.” 
Jóhann Jóhannsson, composer, The Theory Of Everything.

“I’m really honoured to be Golden Globe nominated. I’m thankful to Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu for the opportunity to work on this masterful film and everyone that was involved in the process of helping it come to fruition. Being a jazz musician in our modern culture involves being cloaked in relative darkness when it comes to popular media attention, so I really hope this nomination helps propel our music and industry to a higher plane.”
Antonio Sanchez, composer, Birdman.

“Great joy to be invited to the Golden Globes! It is an honour to be nominated along with all my friends on the beautifully directed The Imitation Game. I love champagne!”
Alexandre Desplat, composer, The Imitation Game.


“I am extremely happy that Mercy Is has been acknowledged by the Hollywood Foreign Press. I am also grateful  to Darren Aronofsky  for entrusting me to write the song for Noah. At this time of my life I am deeply encouraged and energised by the nomination.”
Patti Smith, “Mercy Is”, Noah.

“I don’t even know if I can express how excited I am to be nominated for a Golden Globe alongside John Legend for our song Glory. To be here with John Legend, whom I love and respect so much, makes the moment even more meaningful. We created Glory from our hearts and being a part of Selma has been a life-changing experience. Congratulations to all the other nominees and congratulations to my Selma family. Blessings to all. Whoo!”
Common, “Glory”, Selma.

“Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for recognising Glory with a nomination for best original song! Common and I wrote this song for Selma as a labour of love in honour of this magnificent film and the incredible men and women whose struggle the film chronicles. As we continue to march for justice and equality in 2014, we are so inspired by their work.”
John Legend, “Glory”, Selma

“I am so shocked and happy to know that Yellow Flicker Beat has been included in the running for best original song. I thought Katniss was one of a kind when I first laid eyes on her in a cinema in 2012 – a rough, sparkling diamond of a mind. It was a privilege getting to step inside her head and speak her thoughts, even for a brief moment. Getting to write a song for a film like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 is a truly singular experience, and I am blown away that that experience got me nominated for a Golden Globe. I’ll see you there.”
Lorde (Ella Yelich-O’Connor), “Yellow Flicker Beat”, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1.

“I’m so grateful to Tim for letting me into his wild world and to Harvey for encouraging me to continue to write for films. I’m honoured that the Hollywood Foreign Press has nominated my song.”
Lana Del Rey, “Big Eyes”, Big Eyes.