Golden Harvest, the powerhouse Hong Kong-based distributor has picked up a collection of the most in-demand indie titles on the Croisette.

Quentin Tarantino's martial arts action film Kill Bill has been picked up for Hong Kong and Malaysia from Miramax International. Uma Thurmann, Lucy Liu and Darryl, Hannah star in the film which is in pre-production in Beijing, China.

Golden Harvest bought Hong Kong only on James Foley's crime drama Confidence from Lions Gate Films International, with Dustin Hoffman and Ed Burns.

It bought Hong Kong and Malaysia on Splendid Pictures' thriller The Courier, Senator International's Sam Raimi-produced Boogie Man and Studiocanal's Harvey Keitel-starring Mafia drama Ginostra.

It also added Singaporean rights to its haul of Hong Kong and Malaysian licences on Bulletproof Monk. The film, which is produced by Chuck Roven, John Woo and Terrence Chang, stars Hong Kong-born superstar Chao Yun-fat.