Organisers of Taiwan's Golden Horse awards are in Hong Kong to promote the 40th anniversary of the event amid criticisms that too many prizes have been given to Hong Kong-produced films.

Last year for example, Hong Kong movies scooped the top prizes for best director (Hollywood Hong Kong), best actor (Three-Going Home), best supporting actor (Princess D), and best supporting actress (July Rhapsody).

George Chang, chairman of the event's executive committee, stressed that "the competition for the Golden Horse awards is open to all Chinese-language films, with no boundary set on the film's country of origin."

He also pointed out that Hong Kong has been very supportive for the Golden Horse awards. Of the 27-member executive committee, four are from Hong Kong this year, including Jackie Chan, Ng Sze Yeun, Cheung Tung Joe and Wong Nguk Chung. Also on the list is Australia-born Hong Kong-based director/ photographer Christopher Doyle.

Chang added that this year's jury will consist of a couple of Hong Kong film professionals. The final jury list will be unveiled in September.

Submissions for the Golden Horse competition will start on 1 September until 30 September. Hong Kong director Fruit Chan, who was awarded the Golden Horse for best director in both 1997 and 2002, said that he will submit his Public Toilet for this year's entry.

Despite their success at the Golden Horse, the number of Hong Kong-produced films being distributed in Taiwan has dropped significantly in recent years to just 59 films a year in 2002 - 2003 from a peak of 210 films in 1990 - 1991.