Goldfish Memory, the first of four feature films to begin shooting in Dublin in March, has wrapped after a 24 day shoot, notching up 23 set ups a day according to producer Breda Walsh of Goldfish Films.

Financed by a combination of Irish Film Board finance and deferrals, the Euros1.3m contemporary romantic comedy was shot by a twenty person crew using Sony DVCAM equipment. The film is the first funded feature in Ireland to opt for the digital production process and should be completed by October.

Post production will also go the digital route, using an Apple G4 and Final Cut Pro software bundled and supplied by tech specialists Promax in California.

Irish Screen's The Mystics, Company of Wolves' Actors, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Chasing The Dragon will continue shooting around Dublin over the coming weeks.

The latter film, which stars Cate Blanchett and is based on the life and death of campaigning journalist Veronica Guerin, will have to take account of the successful court appeal by the one person convicted of Guerin's murder which came two weeks into production .

Asked at a public interview in Dublin on Saturday about potential legal difficulties posed by the story, director Joel Schumacher responded with good humour, "I'm not worried about what criminals think of it, I've got my own job to do."