NicoleKidman confirmed this weekend that she is teaming with Hong Kong auteurdirector Wong Kar-wai on his next project The Lady From Shanghai and that she will be joined in the film by Chinesestar Gong Li.

Indeed,said Kidman, Gong has already shot her part in the film, and Wong took justfive weeks - in contrast to the five years it took to shoot his last film 2046 which also starred Gong Li. "He is trying to work ina different way on this one," explained Kidman, who said she has spent a lot oftime with the director in New York working on the project.

CertainlyKidman's schedule cannot afford the extended time commitments which his castinvested on 2046. She iscurrently in production on Nora Ephron's film of the classic TV series Bewitchedfor Columbia, will take Dec and Janoff, then will shoot Eucalyptusfor director Jocelyn Moorhouse in Australia and three weeks' work in a smallrole in The Producers: The Movie Musical for Susan Stroman in New York City. Kidman's role in The Lady FromShanghai will probably be shotafter The Producers.

Askedwhat the film was about, Kidman remained mum. "He'd kill me if I revealedanything," said Kidman, who went on to explain that she thinks Wong is "veryintuitive." "His flms are absolutely exquisite," she said, "and it will be anhonour to work with him."

Kidman is currently on thepublicity trail for Jonathan Glazer's Birth, she will next be seen in Sydney Pollack's TheInterpreter early next year.