UK broadcaster Granada has settled with distributor Redbus Film Distribution over UK horror-suspense film The Gathering.

The distributor (formerly Helkon SK) launched a legal action in September over the involvement of the producers credited on the film. The picture, which stars Christina Ricci, was produced through Samuelson Productions, whose London and LA-based co-chiefs Marc and Peter Samuelson were both credited, and former Granada film chief Pippa Cross. As part of the settlement, Granada reimbursed an undisclosed amount to Redbus.

"We and Granada remain of a different view, however we have reached a mutually acceptable settlement," said Redbus chief executive Simon Franks. "This being the case, we feel vindicated in terminating our original agreement with them over The Gathering."

Granada said that it and its co-financiers - the Isle of Man, DZ Bank and tax-based financier Ingenious Media - had no complaints "whatsoever" about the role played by the producers.

"We feel that the Samuelsons and Pippa Cross did an excellent job," said a spokesperson

Miramax Films boarded the film for UK distribution following Redbus' decision to pull out.