Following its success with The Queen, UK TV company Granada is to step up its commitment to feature film.

Granada's controller of Drama and Comedy Andy Harries, speaking in Venice, has given details of a slate of new projects the company is developing.

These include films with talent ranging from Paul Abbott to Caroline Aherne. Harries is also hopeful of working with writer Peter Morgan on a third film about Tony Blair, following The Deal and The Queen.

"The Queen has given us a tremendous filip," Harries said. The aim now is for Granada to produce two or three film features a year.

Abbott is to make a feature from hit TV series Reckless (which originally starred Francesca Annis and Robson Green.) Abbott is currently rewriting the love triangle drama. The film version will be set in the US.

David Yates is in the frame to direct another new project from Granada, The Boy Soldier, scripted by Guy Hibbert.

This is set during the civil war in Sierra Leone and looks at the story of "a 12-year-old boy who is snatched from a village and turned into a small war machine."

Granada is also developing Friends Reunited, a comedy scripted by newcomer Andy Watts.

Meanwhile, Caroline Aherne (of Royle family fame) is hatching a low-budget, "Mike Leigh-style" comedy-drama.

Granada is also pushing ahead with its adaptation of JG Ballard's Cocaine Nights.

A new script has recently been delivered by Rick Cotton. "With a bit of luck, we'll get that up and running next year," said Harries.

The Queen will be released by Pathe in the UK in mid September and by Miramax in the US following its screening at the New York Film Festival.

Harries revealed that Miramax paid $8m to take US rights.

"They didn't mess around. They offered a lot of money. That showed they were committed to go with it and to push it."The Queen will receive its UK TV premiere on ITV next year at the time of the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

"In the past Granada has over talked its film ambitions," Harries said, but insisted that the company is committed to feature film.

"What I am not interested in is providing money for other people to produce. Fundamentally, at Granada, we are a production company."