GREECE - August 4


(Greek Film Centre, Sound and Image Ltd) Co-prod: Bepe Toscies Film Production(Italy). Budget: Euros 850,000. Backer: ET1 Greek public TV. Int'l sales: theGreek Film Centre. Social comedy. A mid-aged Greek man, who has never traveledbefore and speaks no foreign language, wins a trip to Rome. While there he isrobbed and discovers that the European Union is far from having achieved a realunion among its people. Prods: Panos Angelopoulos,James Mimikos. Dir: Angelopoulos. Scr:Xenophon Bourtzakis, Angelopoulos. Main cast: Billy Zane, Thalia Argyriou,Giannis Thomas. Shooting in Rome, southern Italy, Athens and southern Greecefrom September 30 to November 15.
Contact: Panos Angelopoulos, Sound and Image Ltd, (30) 69 77 08 66 00

(Alexandros Film) Co-prods: Greek Film Centre, Kino S.A. (Greece), Morena(Spain), Panorama (Italy). Budget: Euros 5m. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre.Dist: Spentzos Film. Historical biography. The life and the art of DominikosTheotokopoulos, alias El Greco, the famous painter of Greek origin. Prod/dir:Yiannis Smaragdis. Scr: Jackie Pavlenko. Cine: Javier Aguireresarobe. Prod des: Gianni Giovagnoni. Music: VangelisPapathanasiou. Shooting in Greece, Spain, Italy from November 4 to January 152005.
Contact: Smaragdis, Alexandros Film,(30) 210 64 21 165

(Argonauts Productions S.A.) Budget: Euros 990,000. Int'l sales: ArgonautsProductions. Dist: Playtime Releasing. Romantic comedy. The marriage of a youngcouple descends into havoc. Exec prod: Angelos Slobakis. Prod: Panos Papahadzis. Dir:Christina Crokos. Scr: Iphigenia Kotsoni. Main cast: Smaragda Karydi, AlexDimitriadis, Nena Menti, Lakis Lazopoulos. Shooting in the island of Creta from Spring 2005.
Contact: Panos Papahadzis, Argonauts Productions S.A., (30) 210 82 57 177

(Greek Film Centre, CL Productions-Greece, Focus Film-Hungary) Co-prods:Dimitri Yatzoutzakis and Co., Filmnet, Cinegram. Budget: Euros 1.12m. Int'lsales: Greek Film Centre. Horror comedy/romantic love story. The passionatelove between a young woman who is a cheap commercial TV presenter and a deadman, who during his life time was an exemplary representative of ethical andhuman values. Exec prod: Costas Lambropoulos. Prod: Dimitris Yatzoutzakis. Co-prod: Aron Sipos.Dir: Yatzoutzakis. Scr: Yatzoutzakis, Nikos Panagiotopoulos. Cine: Tibor Mahte. Ed: Yiannis Tsiorsopoiulos. Maincast: Errica Maroszan, Athina Papadimitriou, Thodoris Atheridis, IeroklisMichaelides. Shooting in Greece from November 15 to January 20 2005.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007.

(Greek Film Centre, CL Productions) Co-prod: Omada Technis. Budget: Euros350,000. Backers: ET1 Greek public TV. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Socialdrama.Jean Genet's text Four Hours In Chatila serves as a background to thestory of a woman who after a 20 years absence comes back to her second homelandto confront her past and to face her socially and politically engaged presentand future. Exec prod: Giorgos Kyriakos. Prod: Costas Lambropoulos. Dir/scr:KyriakoS Katzourakis. Cine: Akis Zorbas. Ed: Katzourakis, Daphne Toli. Prod des: Nikos Politis.Cost: Eva Nathena. Main cast: AlekaPaizi, Katia Gerou, Joe Tornabene, Maria Zorba, Ekavi Douma. Shooting in Athensfrom September 25 to December 5.
Contact: Lambropoulos,CL Productions, (30) 210 64 12 700

(Point Pictures Ltd) Budget: Euros 350,000. Int'l sales: Point Pictures Ltd.Sentimental drama. A love triangle in a remote mountain village. Exec prod:Dimitris Kalaitzis: Prod: PanagiotisPetropoulos. Dir/scr: Dora Masklavanou. Cine: Claudio Bolivar. Ed: GiorgosMavropsaridis-Panos Kanis. Art dir/Cost:Penelope Valti. Hair-make up: Kiriaki Melidou. Music: Nikos Kipourgos. Maincast: Maria Kechaioglou, Yiannis Stagoglou, Giorgos Tsoularis, Erikos Litsis,Yiannis Economide. Shooting in south Greece for 6 weeks from August 20 toSeptember 30.
Contact: Panagiotis Petropoulos, Pont Pictures Ltd, (30) 210 75 68 990


(Greek Film Centre, Metavision S.A.).Co-prod: Tania Bokomilova Prods(Bulgaria). Budget: Euros 900,000.Backers: Eurimages, ET1 Greek public TV.Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Social drama. A man decides to change sex. Execprod: Nikos Moustakas. Prod: Michalis and Manos Panagiotopoulos. Dir: GiannisDiamantopoulos. Scr: Panos Papadopoulos. Cine:Andreas Sinanos. Ed: Giannis Tsitsopoulos. Prod des/cost: Damianos Zarifis.Music: Dionyssis Tsaknis. Main cast: Rania Oikonomidou, Giannis Harvatzis.Shooting in Athens and the island of Creta, Morocco, Paris during 10intermittent weeks from March 25 to October 30.
Contact: Michalis and Manos Panagiotopoulos, Metavision S.A., (30) 210 67 78811

(DNA Films, Cinegram S.A) Budget: Euros 300,000. Backer: Southeastern EuropeanNetwork (S.E.E.) Int'l sales: Dimitris Athanitis Productions. Dist: Rosebud.Genre: A group of people of different nationalities come together and share anumber of personal experiences during the Athens Olympic Games. Exec prod:Donyssis Samiotis. Prod/dir/scr: Dimitris Athanitis. Cine: Spyros Papatriantafylou.Ed: Bonita Papastathi. Prod des: Athanitis. Cost des: Manos Andreou. Hair-makeup: Garifalia Siora, Fotis Nikitaras. Music: Helen Lomvardou. Main cast:Dimitris Alexandris, Ekavi Douma, Katerina Didaskalou, Leda Matsangou, OlivierBreils. Shooting in Athens from July 1to August 31.
Contact: Dimitris Athanitis, (30) 210 36 24 894

(C Giannaris Film Productions, Highway Productions [Gr], SarmasicSanatlar-Baran Seyhan, Jale Onanc [Tur]) Co-prod: Greek Film Centre, Alpha TV,Graal S.A., Strada Productions. Budget: Euros 950,000. Backers: Eurimages,South Eastern Europe-SEE Cinema Network. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Dist:Playtime Releasing (Greece),Ozen Film (Turkey). Social drama. A young Albanianimmigrant hijacks a bus at gunpoint and takes the passengers hostages. Inspiredby a real life event. Exec prods: Nikos Nikoletos, Vlasis Stathoulias. Prods:George Lykiardopoulos,Constantin Giannaris, Baran Seyhan. Dir/scr: ConstantinGiannaris. Cine: Panagiotis Theofanopoulos. Ed: Ioanna Spiliopoulou. Proddes/cost: Maria Konomi. Hair-make up:Chronis Tzimos, Evi Zaphiropoulou. Maincast: Stathis Papadopoulos, Theodora Tzimou, Giannis Stankoglou, MinasHadjisavas, Theofania Papathoma. Shooting in Athens northern Greece, Albaniafrom June 10 to August 24.
Contact: George Lykiardopoulos, Highway Productions, (30) 210 82 37 467

(Cinegram [Gr], Love Streams/Agnes B [Fr]) Budget: Euros 800,000. Int'l sales:Cinegram S.A., Love Streams/Agnes B. Coming of age drama. A young boy from thecountryside sees the folk music he practices as the means of personalfulfillment in life. Exec prods: Serge Catoire, Foteini Enomopoulou, VlassisStathoulias, Dionyssis Samiotis. Prods: Despina Mouzaki, Charis Padouvas, Nadia Romain.Dir: Kostas Natsis. Scr: Natsis SuzannesSchiffman, Bruno Herbulot. Cine: Stamatis Giannoulis. Prod des: Dimitris Ziakas. Cost des: Vasilis Kotaras. Hair-make up: Tonia Karatari, Theano Kapnia. Music:Petroloukas Chalkias. Main cast: Anna Muglalis, Nikos Aliagas, RenosCharalambidis, Lefteris Elefteriadis, Haris Grigoropoulos. Shooting in northernGreece, province of Epirus-Zagorohoria from July 12 to August 28.
Contact: HarisPadouvas, Cinegram S.A. (30) 210 60 78 700

(Greek Film Centre, Highway Productions)Co-prod: V.A. Films. Budget: Euros 360,000. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre.Social drama. A Russian house assistant turns upside down the every day life ofthe family she works in. Exec prod: Nikos Nikoletos, Vlasis Stathoulias. Prod:George Lykiardopoulos. Co-prod s: Vasilis Alatas. Dir/scr: Layia Giourgou. Cine: Dimitris Katsaitis. Ed: Alexis Pezas. Prod des:Yioula Zoiopoulou. Cost: ErofiliPolitopoulou. Hair-make up: Eleni Papadaki, Despina Hadzidimitriou. Main cast:Alexis Georgoulis, Eugenia Kaplan, Lena Kitsopoulou, Katerina Papadaki, NikosGeorgakis. Shooting in Athens from July 14 to August 25.
Contact: George Lykiardopoulos, Highway Productions, (30) 210 82 37 467

(Alco Films) Budget: Euros 100,000. Int'l sales: Alco Films. Sentimental drama.A film within a film where the young Greek male lead gets involved with anadolescent Ukranian girl as he is shooting a documentary on the common musicroots of the two countries. Prod/dir/scr: Alexandros Voulgaris. Cine: SimosSarkitzis. Ed: Panos Voutsaras. Prod des: Nikos Pomonis. Cost des: Persa Zaharia. Hair-make up: Mary Tsoni.Music: Voulgaris. Main cast: Romana Lobats, Argyris Thanasoulas, Voulgaris, ChristinaMathea, Tatiana Robertson. Shooting in Athens and Berlin during 10 intermittentweeks from July 25 to December 31.
Contact: Alexandros Voulgaris, Alco Films, (30) 210 38 26 072


(Greek Film Centre, Elias Giannakakis Productions) Co-prod: Protasi Prods.Budget: Euros 380,000. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Dist: AMA Films.Sentimental drama. A woman from a wealthy Greek family that lived in Ethiopiahas to deal with the unexpected appearance of the man she fell in love withback in Africa. Exec prods: Nikos Nikoletos, Vlassis Stathoulias. Prod/dir/scr:Elias Giannakakis. Cine: Giorgos Argiroiliopoulos. Ed: Panos Voutsaras. Prod des/cos: Kiki Miliou. Hair-make up: EviZaphiropooulou, Dimitra Dalla. Music: Nikos Kypourgos. Main cast: YvoniMaltezou, Dimitris Katalifos, Ekavi Douma, Giorgos Michaelidis, Anna Masha.
Contact: Elias Giannakakis, Giannakakis Productions, (30) 69 45 75 18 3

(AIA Films) Budget: Euros 300,000 Int'l sales: AIA Films Dist: New Star Socio-political drama. The story of three women living in different placesand times but all strongly commited to opposing society in one way or another,through poetry, politics and particularly love. Exec prods: Hero Soufliaki, BonitaPapastathi. Prod/dir/scr: TimonKoulmasis. Cine: Boris Breckoff. Ed: Aurique Delannoy. Music: Laurent Sellier. Main cast: Maria Kechaioglou, Maria Protopappa,Anne Leroy, Sophia Michopoulou, Jerome Keen.
Contact: Timon Koulmasis, AIA Films,(30) 69 78 43 13 60

(CAP) Budget: Euros 450,000. Int'l sales: CAP Ltd. Dist: Spentzos Films.Comedy. The adventures of five young university graduates searching for a job. Prods: PanagiotisPetropoulos, Dionyssis Samiotis. Dir/scr: Nikos Zapatinas. Cine: AntonisLinardatos. Ed: Kostas Kanis. Proddes/cost: Nikos Kasapakis. Music: Lavrentis Mahairitsas. Main cast: PanagiotaVlanti, Kassandra Vogiatzi, Giorgos Karamihos, Krateros Katsoulis, GiorgosHraniotis.
Contact:Panagiotis Petropoulos, CAP Ltd, (30) 210 75 68 970

(Greek Film Centre, Alco Films, C.L. Productions, Cinegram S.A., Alpha TV [Gr],Cappa Productions [US], K.G Productions [Fr]). Budget: Euros 3 million.Backers: Eurimages, European Script Fund. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre,Bristol Media International. Dist: Odeon S.A. Drama. The love story between ayoung Greek seamstress and an American photographer aboard a transatlanticliner bringing 700 mail-order brides from the Balkans to New York in the summerof 1992. Exec prod: Martin Scorcese. Prod: Barbara de Fina, Pandelis Voulgaris,Terry Dougas. Line prod: Costas Lambropoulos. Assoc. Prods: MichelleRay-Gavras, Despina Mouzaki, Haris Padouvas. Dir: Pandelis Voulgaris. Scr:Ioanna Karystiani. Cine: Giorgos Arvanitis. Ed: Takis Giannopoulos. Prod des:Dimitris Katsikis. Cost: Damianos Zarifis, Eva Nathena. Music: KyriakosKalaitzidis. Main cast: Victoria Charalambidou, Damian Lewis, Andrea Ferreol,Steven Berkoff, Evi Saoulidou.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(CL Productions) Budget: Euros 200,000. Int'l sales: CL Productions. Comedy. Ateenager has his small video camera stolen. As the camera falls into varioushands and situations it records random moments of the lives of those in towhose possession it comes and travels all over the world from Greece to Italy ,Spain, the UK and Pakistan. Exec prod: Yorgos Kyriakos. Prod: CostasLambropoulos. Co-prod: Dimitris Vernikos. Dir: Vassilis Katsikis. Scr:Katsikis, Vernikos. Cine:Katsikis. Ed: Angela Despotidou. Prod des/cost:Olympia Diamantopoulou. Music: Kleitos Kiriakidis. Main cast: Clara Crivellaro,Carlos Quintana Perez, Lefteris Thermos, Oscar Maes, Dimitra Paxinou.
Contact: Lambropoulos,CL Productions,(30) 210 64 12 700

(Greek Film Centre, Kostas Skouras Audiovisual Productions Ltd) Co-prods:Arcadia Digital S.A., Fasma Ltd (Gr), Sarmasic Sanatlar, Baran Seyhan, JaleOnanc (Turk). Budget: Euros 1.17m. Backer: Eurimages. Int'l sales: the GreekFilm Centre. Dist: Ama Films. Social drama. Ayoung couple from Bangladesh and their quest for a better life which bringsthem to western Europe as economic illegal immigrants. Exec prod: NikosMoustakas. Prod: Kostas Skouras. Co-prod: Baran Seyhan. Dir: DimitrisStavrakas. Scr: Thanassis Skroubelos, Stavrakas. Cine: Vangelis Kalabakas. Proddes: Tassos Zografos. Cost des: YoulaZoiopoulou. Main cast: Thanos Grammenos, Arto Apartian, Toffa Hossain, RizaSonmez, Murat Gogebakan.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(CL Productions) Co-prod: Greek Film Centre, Max Productions, Angelos FrantzisProductions. Budget: Euros 587,000. Backer: Diageo. Int'l sales: Greek FilmCentre. Surreal thriller. When the house of a middle-aged man is robbed hehires a private detective - only to findthat he can see in his dreams what will happen in real life. Exec prod:George Kyriakos. Prod: Costas Lambropoulos. Dir/scr: Angelos Fratzis. Cine: Evgenios Dionysopoulos.Ed: Angelos Angelopoulos. Prod des: AnnaGeorgiadi. Cost: Christina Chatzaridou. Hair-make up: Giannis Pamoukis. Music:Coti K. Main cast: Constantinos Markoulakis, Pegy Triakalioti, Lina Sakka, ArisServetalis, Christos Stergioglou.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(DM Film, Greek Film Centre) Co-prod: Ecos Media(Italy). Budget: Euros 324,000. Backer:Accelere Ltd, Cinemagic,ET1 Greek public TV. Int'l sales: the Greek FilmCentre. Social comedy. A little boy, his father and mother and a dominant grandmother during the first months of the 1967 military junta in Greece. Familyconflicts and the farcical political context of the colonels compose anexplosive mix leading to unexpected developments. Exec prod: KonstantinosKoronidis. Prod/dir/scr: Dimitris Makris. Cine: Akis Safaris. Prod des/cost:Daniela Moretti. Hair-make up:Olga Smyrnoudi. Music:Takis Dimitrakopoulos.Main cast: Panagiotis Filipeos, Betty Valasi, Dimitra Chatoupi, PanosKranidiotis.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek FilmCentre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(Nikos Nikolaidis Productions) Budget: Euros 300,000. Int'l sales: NikosNikolaidis Productions. Futuristic thriller. A cholera epidemic is devastatingthe world in 2030. A group of whores who find shelter in an old brothel opposeeach other in their effort to survive and to come to term with theirexistential problems. Prod/dir/scr:Nikos Nikolaidis. Cine: Sifis Koundouros. Ed: George Triantafyllou. Proddes/cost: Marie-Louise Vartholomeos. Hair-make up: Theresa Nicholson. Music:Symeon Nikolaidis. Main cast: Vicky Harris, Jenny Kitseli, Eftihia Giakoumi,Arhelao Mavrakaki.
Contact: Marie-Louise Vartholomeos, Nikos Nikolaidis Productions, (30) 210 8087 013

(Thalassa Productions S.A.) Co-prod: Greek Film Centre. Budget: Euros 650,000.Int'l sales: Thalassa Productions S.A. Backer: ET1 Greek public TV. Dist:Playtime Releasing. Comedy.The plot unfolds among the gypsy popular orchestrasperforming in the Greek province. Prod: Tassos Vasiliou, Dionyssis Samiotis. Dir/ scr: Stavros Tsiolis. Cine: Vassilis Kapsouros. Ed:Kostas Iordanidis. Prod des/cost: GiotaPoulou. Music: Giannis Zouganelis. Main cast: Ieroklis Michaelidis, SteliosMainas, Giannis Zouganelis, Tamila Koulieva.
Contact: Dionyssis Samiotis, Thalassa Productions S.A., (30) 210 33 10 225

(Greek Film Centre, Fotini Siskopoulou Productions) Budget: Euros 380,000.Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Social drama. Adapted from Fedor Dostoyevski'snovel Krotkaya, and already turned into a film (Rober Bresson's La FemmeDouce). A young woman's sentimentallife unfolds against the background of the illegal immigrants who flee theirformer socialist countries in search of a better life in the west. Exec prod:Nikos Nikoletos, Vlassis Stathoulias. Prod/dir/scr: Fotini Siskopoulou. Cine: TasosZafiropoulos. Prod des: Youla Zoiopoulou.Cost des: Dominique Vasiagiorgi. Hair-make up: Anneta Karapistoli. Music:Giorgos Hristianakis. Main cast: Kostas Kalokairinos, Milana Yusupova, IrinaBoiko, Dorothea Nikipordzic.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(Greek Film Centre, Cinegram S.A.) Budget: Euros 427,000. Backer: ET1 GreekPublic TV. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Comedy. A young man obsessed withperfection has two aims: to become a world-class cook and to meet the woman ofhis dreams. Trying to accomplish his wishes he will have to face a number ofunforeseen and extraordinary situations. Exec prods: Nikos Nikoletos, VlassisStathoulias. Prod: Haris Padouvas, Despina Mouzaki. Dir: Stergios Niziris. Scr: Vassilis Raisis, Niziris. Cine: SpyrosPapatriantafylou. Ed: Yiannis Chalkiadakis. Prod des: Kenny McKellen. Cost des:Vassilis Kotaras. Music: Thanassis Papakonstantinou. Main cast: GiorgosKaramihos, Theodora Tzimou, Yiorgos Nakos, Ioanna Tsirigouli, Alexia Kaltsiki.
Contact:Haris Padouvas, Cinegram S.A. (30) 210 60 78 700

(Greek Film Centre, Town Film) Budget: Euros 353,000. Backer: ET1 Greek publicTV. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Adolescent drama. The coming of age ofthree adolescents in a small village during the late seventies. Traditions andthe tight social tissue of the local community form an unbearable oppressivecontext for the three children. Exec prod: Roula Nikolaou. Prod/dir/scr:Konstantinos Charalambous. Cine: Katerina Maragoudaki. Ed: Giannis Stefanou. Prod des/Cost: SavasPashalidis. Hair-make up: Giannis Pamoukis. Music: Stavros Papasatvrou. Maincast: Giorgos Gerontidakis, Markela Papa, Giorgos Lazaridis, Betty Valasi,DinaMihailidi, Vassilis Andreopoulos.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(Thalassa Productions S.A.) Co-prod:Greek Film Centre. Budget: Euros 650,000. Int'l sales: Thalassa Productions S.A.Dist: Playtime Releasing. Social comedy. A marathon trainer and his obsessionwith order, drug-free athletes and non stop training are distracted by women. Prod: Tassos Vasiliou,Dionyssis Samiotis. Dir: Antonis Kokkinos. Scr: Kokkinos, Kostas Koronidis,Nikos Apiranthitis. Cine: Kostis Gikas.Ed: Fani Ziozia. Prod/cost: Lambrini Kardara. Main cast: Giannis Kokiasmenos,Marias Zorba, Silvia Venizelea.
Contact: Dionyssis Samiotis, Thalassa Productions S.A., (30) 210 33 10 225

(Greek Film Centre, Smart Art Media)Co-prod: The Film Group. Budget: Euros 200,000. Backer: ET1 Greek Public TV.Int'l sales: the Greek Film Centre. Social comedy. Two parallel stories, thatof a traditionally brought-up young girl who tries to be trendy and that of asuccessful police agent. Their paths will converge, through a radio realityshow, on the evening of a meteor shower. Exec prod: Giorgos Zervas. Prod:Stavros Meleas. Co-prod: Giorgos Kourkountis. Dir/scr: GiannisKalemis-Mavrogenis. Cine: Dimitris Kordelas. Ed: Giorgos Helidonidis. Prod des: LoukasEconomopoulos. Cost: Loukia Minetou.Hair-make up: Heiki Adamopoulou. Music: Kleon Antoniou. Main cast: MihalisIatropoulos, Afroditi Al Saleh, Giannis Bostanzoglou, Markela Giannatou,Kalliopi Takaki.
Contact: Tziotzis Tofantis, Smart Art Media, (30) 210 36 43 686

(The Final Cut S.A.) Budget: Euros 3m. Backer: ET1 Greek Public TV. Int'lsales: The Final Cut S.A. Period drama. A love affair that unfolds at the endof World War One and concludes tragically during the Greek-Turkish war and thereturn of the Greek community from Asia Minor in 1922. Exec prod: KostasPapavramidis, Lefteris Haronitis. Prod: Giannis Koutsomitis. Dir: KostasKoutsomitis. Scr: Vassilis Mavropoulos, Kostas Koutsomitis. Cine: Argyris Theos. Ed: Giannis Kalogeropoulos. Prod des: EntaDimopoulou. Cost des: Maria Dimitriadi.Hair-make up: Argyro Kouroupou. Music: Mimis Plessas. Main cast: GrigorisValtinos, Angela Gerekou, Maria Tzopanaki, Angelos Antonopoulos, Antonis Frangakis,Giorgos Tsitsopoulos.
Contact: Giannis Koutsomitis, The Final Cut S.A., (30) 210 94 05 465

(Papandreou S.A.) Co-prod: the Greek Film Centre, Mega Channel, Prooptiki S.A.Budget: Euros 600,000. Int'l sales/dist: Prooptiki S.A. Black comedy. A wildcomedy about some very well kept and painful secrets of childhood. Exec prod: CostasLambropoulos. Prod: Tassos Papandreou. Dir: Olga Malea. Scr: Malea, ApostolosAlexopoulos. Cine: Ilias Adamis. Ed:Giorgos Mavropsaridis. Prod des: Sofia Zouberi. Cost des: Eva Nathena.Hair-make up: Katerina Ekonomidou. Main cast: Christos Loulis, Fay Xyla, PavlosHaikalis, Spfia Philipidou, Dimitris Piatas.
Contact: Pandelis Mitropoulos, Prooptiki S.A, (30) 210 38 10 105

(Greek Film Centre, Graal S.A.) Budget: Euros 738,000. Int'l sales: Greek FilmCentre. Erotic thriller. Every man dreams of having every woman at his feet.Petros, a soldier serving in an island has every woman - on his back. A blackcomedy on male fantasies that turn into nightmare. Exec prod: Roula Nikolaou. Prod: Katerina Ikonomou.Dir: George Panousopoulos. Scr: Petros Hadzopoulos (Auguste Corteau),Panousopoulos. Cine: Panousopoulos. Ed: Panos Daoultzis. Prod des: NikosPolitis. Cost des: Despina Himona. Hair-makeup: Maroula Vassiliadou. Music: Hadzopoulos (Corteau). Main cast: PetrosLiakopoulos, Dimitra Matsouka, Natalia Dragoumi, Kaiti Papanika, Betty Livanou.
Contact: Voula Georgakakou, Greek Film Centre, (30) 210 36 48 007

(Argonauts Productions S.A.) Budget: Euros 307,000. Backer: ET1 Greek publicTV. Int'l sales: Argonauts Productions S.A. Dist: Prooptiki S.A. Romance. Twoyoung lovers trying to cope with the daily routine of their life and reinventtheir relationship. Prod: Panos Papahadzis, Athina Sakellariou. Dir: Alexandros Aristopoulos. Scr: Athena Doussaki. Cine: ChristosAlexandris. Ed: Fani Ziozia. Prod des/Cost des: Anastasia Arseni. Hair-make up:Anneta Karapistoli. Music: Giannis Spyropoulos-Bach. Main cast: AnatoliAthanasiou, Iosif Polyzoidis, Kostas Kappas, Elissavet Moutafi, NikosKlisiaris.
Contact: Panos Papahadzis, Argonauts Productions S.A., (30) 210 82 57 177

(Greek Film Centre, Hyperion S.A.). Budget: Euros 600,000. Backer: ET1 Greekpublic TV. Int'l sales: Greek Film Centre. Futuristic drama.A newscaster andhis relationship with the wife of a media tycoon set in the near future whenthe mass media reign over society. Exec prod: Nikos Kanakis. Prod: Panos Papahadzis. Dir: George Karypidis. Scr: Stathis Valoukos. Cine:Lefteris Pavlopoulos. Ed: Kanakis. Art dir/cost: Anastasia Arseni. Hair-makeup: Dimitra Giatrakou. Music: Nikos Kypourgos. Main cast: Takis Spyridakis.
Contact: Nikos Kanakis, Hyperion S.A., (30) 210 82 24 318

(Eleni Alexandraki Productions) Co-prod: New Star, PPV, Lexikon. Budget: Euros300,000. Backer: Giannidis Bros, Lava S.A., Perlites Aigaion, the NisyrosMunicipality. Drama. Adapted from a short story by the classic Greek writerAlexandros Papadiamantis this is the story of Anna, a young woman who longs toreturn to her native island and is torn by her relationship with two men: herolder husband, Pandelis, who saved her life in the past, and and the youngMathios who is in love with her. Prod/dir/scr: Eleni Alexandraki. Cine:Vassilis Kapsouros. Ed: Takis Giannopoulos. Prod des/cost: Kalliopi Kopanitsa.Hair-make up: Despina Hadzidimitraki, Marie Stavrakaki. Music: NikosPapazoglou. Main cast: Olia Lazaridou, Spyros Stavrinidis, Giorgos Tsoularis.
Contact: Eleni Alexandraki, Alexandraki Productions, (30) 210 72 48 024

(Fasma Ltd,Kostas Skouras Audiovisual Productions) Budget:Euros 220,000. Int'l sales: Fasma Ltd, Vasilis Mazomenos. Poetic drama. A young poet confined in an asylum indulges in fantasies,giving form to a poem where a reconstitution of Christ's Passion performed byblack illegal immigrants is juxtaposed to the tentation of a young ambitiousman by the seven capirtal sins. Exec prod: Alki Ditsa. Prod: Menios Ditsas.Dir/scr: Mazomenos. Cine: SpyrosPapatriantafylou. Ed: George Pisakis. Prod des/cost: Lea Kousi. Hair-make up:Magda Dimou. Music: Nikos Platanos. Main cast: Yiannis Perlegas, Efi Theodorou,Landius Shidda, Dimitris Siakaras, Sofia Seirli, Andreas Marianos.
Contact: Vasilis Mazomenos, (30) 69 4445 87 23