The sword and sandal epic isset to get its biggest gift since the wooden horse. Greece is launching a filmfinancing incentive worth up to 30% of a budget to boost its local industry andattract overseas productions.

Speaking in Cannes, deputyminister of culture Petros Tatoulis said the financial incentive, part of thecountry's new cinema policy, could be worth up to 30% of a budget for workcarried out in Greece. The measure will shortly be up for discussion in theGreek Parliament before becoming law.

The deputy minister addedthat the funding support would go to films made with Greek production partners,and that the country was developing plans for a Greek Film Commission.

"Now is your chance for the Greek light to brighten yourframe, for the Greek seas to constitute your setting, for the Greek mountainsto form the backdrop to your stories, for the Greek city to host the charactersin your plot," said Tatoulis.