Two new Peter Greenaway features are in the pipeline.

The financing is coming together for Goltzius and The Pelican Company, the latest feature from the veteran UK director. The film will be a co-production between Kees Kasander’s Kasander Film in the Netherlands, Sam Taylor and Mike Downey’s Film and Music Entertainment in the UK, Catherine Dussart’s CDP in France and MP of Zagreb, and will shoot in Croatia on a €2.05 million budget.

Other financiers include the Netherlands Film Fund, the Rotterdam Film Fund, the Centre National du Cinema (CNC) as well as Eurimages. Casting is currently underway in London. The film, sold by London-based Bankside, is about 16th century Dutch engraver Hendrick Goltzius, an illustrator of erotic printed books. The project will mark the 12th collaboration between Greenaway and Kees Kasander.

Also, Amsterdam-based Submarine is preparing a subsequent Greenaway project, Eisenstein In Guanajuato. This will tell the story of Russian director’s Sergei Eistenstein’s visit to Hollywood and then Mexico in the early 1930s and of his love affair with his Guanajuato guide and minder - a young, married historian of comparative religions called Palomino Canedo.

The script for the €4 million film is now complete. Submarine is producing. Another Dutch outfit, San Fu Maltha’s Fu Works, is aboard the film as is French coproducer Clement Calvet of Super Prod. Greenaway is expected to move straight on to the Eisenstein project once his work on Goltzius is complete.

Greenaway’s fascination with Eisenstein stretches back to his student days. The director has long been intrigued by the fact that in his early 30s, Eisenstein was still a virgin and that he was homosexual.