Maggie Greenwald hascommitted to direct her next picture, a romantic comedy script Rose OfSharon by Thomas Simmons - aproject with which she became familiar while mentoring new writers includingSimmons at the Hamptons International Film Festival in Long Island, New York,last week.

The director of Songcatcher, The Kill-Off and The Ballad Of Little Jo,Greenwald was one of the 'mentors' at the festival's secondannual four-day screenwriters conference and immediately took to Rose OfSharon which is the story of a manwhose mother comes between him and his future bride. Graham Leader, who was aproducer on In The Bedroom, willproduce the film which is the sixth screenplay by Simmons, an advertisingexecutive from Virginia.

Other mentors at theconference were Belinda Haas (Up At The Villa, The Music Of Chance), Jim Hart (Contact, Bram Stoker's Dracula,Hook), Michael Weller (Hair,Ragtime), Lawrence Lasker (WarGames,Sneakers), Kaylie Jones (ASoldier's Daughter Never Cries)and Kevin Heisler.