DanielTaylor, managing director of UK tax financier Grosvenor Park, is joiningTriMedia Entertainment, the entertainment company of 90s rap mogul ChrisSchwartz, to spearhead a push into producing youth-oriented, music-drivenfeatures with European music stars.

Taylortakes up the post of president at TriMedia in addition to his Grosvenor Parkduties. The two companies are hatching a joint venture under which GrosvenorPark will provide TriMedia, which Schwartz formed in 2002 after walking awayfrom Ruffhouse Records, with access to European soft money and co-productionservices and expertise.

Sony, whichhelped Ruffhouse rack up $1 billion in sales through a ten-year co-venture, isexpected to handle distribution worldwide, at least on DVD/video and soundtracks.

"Danbrings a wealth of international financing experience and industry backgroundwith him that will be invaluable to us as we continue to grow ourcompany," said Schwartz.

TriMedia last month put the first brickin place to its European production ambitions by forming a co-venture withAustria's MRTV to produce films and TV programmes in Austria and Germany.Ruffnation Films, the film production arm Schwartz set up at TriMedia withmusic video director Richard Murray, debuted with 2002's Snipes, an urban thriller starring rapperNelly.

"Theextraordinary growth of the DVD market and demand for digital entertainmentcontent has created a promising opportunity for TriMedia," Taylor said."I look forward to helping create a library of properties withsubstantial value for the benefit of Tri Media's shareholders."

TriMediaalso tried to set up a £100m p&a fund for film and music rights withthe UK's InnovatorOne, although the fate of that venture is unclearfollowing the government's recent clamp down on tax avoidance schemes.Separately, it has partnered with Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson on CaptainScarlet - The Return Of The Mysterons, an animated TV series.