Gruber Films, the UK production outfit of Shooting Fish and Waking Ned producer Richard Holmes, has struck development deals with support body the Film Council and UK distribution-production operation Momentum Pictures.

Holmes, who stepped down as managing director of media concern Civilian Content at the end of last year, has also struck a debt and equity financing deal with The Bonaparte Group, which arranged financing on Waking Ned. Bonaparte will take a stake in Gruber, with Bonaparte group chief William Parente taking a seat on the board.

The Film Council deal runs for three years and will go towards financing a rolling development slate of up to six projects. Momentum will match the council's investment for a year in return for UK and Canadian rights.

"Gruber has always been about entertainment and I strongly believe that our way forward lies in a select slate of hand-picked movies," Holmes said. "Our goal is to build on Gruber's history of delivering top-level British films that recoup their investment."