The Grudge, Ghost House Pictures' English-language remake of the Japanese hit horror Ju-On, has been sold to 27 territories including North America (Columbia Pictures), Czech/Slovakia (AQS), Greece (Audiovisual), Russia (Central Partner), Germany (Constantin), Benelux (Dutch Dreamwork), Scandinavia (Egmont), Portugal (LNK), France (Metropolitain), Spain (Planeta), Iceland (Sam Film), Poland (Vision), Bulgaria/Romania/Ex-Yugoslavia (Prooptiki), U.K. (Universal), Turkey (Medyavizion), Latin America (Europe), South Africa (Nu Metro), Malaysia (Golden Screen), Singapore (Golden Village), Middle East (Gulf), South Korea (I Vision), Japan (Nippon Herald), Thailand (Nontanund), Hong Kong (Panasia), Philippines (Pioneer), Indonesia (PT Amero), Australia (Roadshow).

Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Behr (Roswell), KaDee Strickland (Something's Gotta Give), Clea DuVall (21 Grams), William Mapother (Minority Report), and Bill Pullman (Independence Day), The Grudge is currently in-production at Toho Studios and other locations in Tokyo until mid-March.

Japanese cast Takako Fuji as 'Kayoko' and Yuya Ozeki who played the ghosts in the original Ju-On return for the Hollywood remake.

The Grudge centers on the deadly curse passes around like a virus among its victims and kills them in the grip of a powerful rage. The original Ju-On directed by Takashi Shimizu was released on 120 screens in Japan in January 2003 and grossed $4.2m.

Takashi Shimizu directs The Grudge and Ghost House Pictures' Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert produce the English version together with Taka Ichise, who produced the original Ju-On and the Japanese hit horror Ringu.

Co-produced by Ghost House Pictures and Senator International, The Grudge is scheduled to be released in the US in August 2004