Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV, a distributor of films by Brazilian independent producers, is back at the AFM for the first time in ten years with a slate headed by two pictures which recently appeared at Berlin.

Latitude Zero, by Toni Venturi, whose script was backed by the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab in 1998. That film appeared in the Panorama section, as did Posthumous Memories, (A Marvada Carne) by Andre Klotzel, based on a 19th century classic book by Machado de Assis, Brazil's most renowned writer. Also offered is the biggest Brazilian box office draw in a decade, The Dog's Will, directed by Guel Arraes, which attracted more than two million spectators.

Director Ana Carolinas Amelia, is bringing a fictional comedy of errors inspired by the trip of actress Sarah Bernhardt to Rio de Janeiro in 1905. Villa-Lobos, A Life Of Passion, is a film by Zelito Viana chronicling the life and work of modernist composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Another picture Tonic Dominant, is an innovative drama from director Lina Chamie, which spans three days in the life of a young musician, which correspond to the three movements of a classical sonata.

Novo's expanded AFM presence follows the recently struck alliance with Brazil Cinema Promotion (BCP). Novo is the first firm to receive funding from BCP, which has $2.25m from the Brazilian government to promote the export of cultural goods. Thanks to the partnership, Novo expects to be able to attend 21 festivals and events this year instead of the five it has been restricted to of late.