Rome-based sales agentAdriana Chiesa Enterprises (ACE) has bolstered its MIFED slate by picking upinternational distribution rights to two new films, including a documentaryabout the last few hours in the life of Che Guevara.

Directed by Italy'sRomano Scavolini, the 60mn documentary is entitled Che: The Last Hours -The Truth about His Assassination and is produced by Francesco Pape.

ACE has also just picked upinternational distribution rights to Nel Mio Amore (literally In My Love). Thepicture, which marks the directorial debut of Italian novelist Susanna Tamaro,is produced by Italian veteran Fulvio Lucisano of Italian International Film,with the backing of the Italian government's Fondo di Garanzia.

The film, which is currentlyshooting, is adapted from Tamaro's own novel about a couple whose lifegoes into a downward spiral after their marriage and birth of a child. Themovie's cast includes Licia Maglietta, the star of Silvio Soldini'sBread and Tulips and his upcoming feature Agata and the Storm, which is alsosold by ACE.

ACE's slate alsoincludes The Card Player, cult Italian director Dario Argento's newthriller, about an American tourist who is kidnapped in Rome. Backed by Medusa,the film stars Stefania Rocca (Casomai), Liam Cunningham and ClaudioSantamaria, and is currently in post-production.