: Tide Of Sand
Scr: Gustavo Montiel
Estimated budget: $1.5m (Eu1.1m)
Funds in place: $1.2m (Eu880,000)

Mexican director Gustavo Montiel thrives on being busy. At present he is juggling work on an experimental digital project called Limbo, with preparation for his next feature, Tide Of Sand (Marea De Arena).

He describes the latter as a story of passion and obsession set in Patagonia, the beautiful wilderness on the tip of Latin America, at what seems like the edge of the world.

'People go to Patagonia to renounce the world, escape from judicial punishment, to lose or exchange their identity,' says Montiel of the significance of the location.

Tide Of Sand revolves around a man called Juan and his unrequited infatuation with a woman called Mar, with whom he has a child. He throws her out over a supposed infidelity - and Juan falls into a deep depression.

The couple quarrel over the custody of the child and Mar takes a job as an exotic dancer in a city far away. But it is Juan's inability to let go of Mar that leads him toward a path of self destruction.

'Tide Of Sand looks at the appalling image of a dead family, a concept we do not dare face too directly though it is there, implacable and certain,' Montiel says.
The project will be his eighth feature as director.

As a producer, he has made 22 films and written 12 screenplays. Mexico's Visuarte/Moro Films, with which he has worked previously, is producing Tide Of Sand.