Miramax Films and HAL Films, the production venture headed by David Aukin, Colin Leventhal and Trea Hoving, have disbanded their London-based partnership, Miramax announced today (Feb 1).

Aukin and Leventhal are to pursue interests in the entertainment industry through HAL, the company they founded two years ago with Miramax backing. Hoving is to devote her time to family.

Miramax confirmed that it will continue a presence in the UK, which has yielded successful titles for the company such as The Crying Game, The English Patient and Shakespeare In Love. Key executives who worked for HAL are to remain at the London office, with development chief Allon Reich seen as a possible head for a new London office, although this has not been finalised.

HAL, which Miramax co-chief Harvey Weinstein called his 'dream team' when it was launched, was armed with a hefty $50m production fund from Miramax. But the partnership with Miramax appears not to have provided enough autonomy for the trio and is yet to produce a hit. HAL's credits include Mansfield Park, Elephant Juice, About Adam and Birthday Girl.

'Miramax's strong commitment to the proud tradition of European cinema will continue in full force through our London office,' said Miramax co-chief Bob Weinstein.

Leventhal added that he expected to work with Miramax on individual projects in the future. 'We are very, very proud of the films that have been produced by HAL over the past two years,' he said. 'We were privileged to work with a wonderful team at HAL and are very grateful to them.'