Los Angeles-based independent production outfit Halcyon Entertainment has attached two hot music video and commercials directors to two films in active development. Halcyon was created in Los Angeles by British producer Chris Coen in 1999.

Martin Weisz will direct The Sett, a thriller based on the novel by Ranulph Fiennes and scripted by Danny Taylor (The Score) and Scott Roberts (K2, The Hard Way), while David Denneen will direct Breakback, an original script by Ted Cass, which will be co-produced by Halcyon and Denneen's management company Anonymous Content.

Coen describes The Sett as "The Fugitive meets Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels." Set in England and southern Spain, it follows the journey of a man falsely accused of the murder of his wife and child.

Breakback is the story of a group of inmates who plan to break out of prison to pull off a heist and break back in for their alibi.

The films would both mark feature directorial debuts for Weisz and Denneen, who is one of the leading commercials directors in Australia. Coen said that The Sett will be budgeted in the $10m region and Breakback nearer the $20m mark. Weisz is represented by The Firm and Denneen by Anonymous Content and ICM

Other projects currently in development at Halcyon include dark thriller Deepwater written by David Marfield (Strangeland 2), Madeleine's Ghost which has been adapted by Chris Monger from Robert Girardi's novel and another Monger script - action adventure The Hard Sea.

Chris Borrelli oversees development at Halcyon, while Peter Wetherell, who executive produced both Allison Anders' Things Behind The Sun and Jill Sprecher's Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, has joined the company as a consultant.