Asthey both celebrated their 50th birthdays in May, Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbaek Jensenhave given a lot of thought to the future of Zentropa,the Danish film production company they founded in 1992.

Withtheir five associate partners, von Trier and Jensenhave decided to sell half of the company to directors and other employees whilethe pair will hold on to the other half of their stock themselves.

Theowners previously considered selling Zentropa toanother international film company or conglomerate of sorts but chose to staytrue to the owners' social sensibilities and left wing sympathies by sellingonly to insiders.

Withco-production involvement in Andrea Arnold's Cannes special jury prize winner Red Road and successful worldwide sales for Susanne Bier'sAfter TheWedding, Aalbaek describes the last year or so asa good one. He expects that his own stock will be even more valuable with anemployee-owned company than one controlled by foreign owners.

"It'sthe merit of our fellow workers that Zentropa isdoing relatively well. So far our janitor has chosen to invest so prospects arelooking good," Jensen told local newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

Zentropa is Scandinavia's largest producer, working on films including Princess, Italian ForBeginners, Dear Wendy, Breaking The Waves, Dogville, Manderlay, Brothers, and Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself.